Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lay Off

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Definition for Sweating.Like.A.Pig aka SLAP.

If you're wondering, that's my back la okay.
And I don't workout naked I just lifted my shirt up cos I was amazed by the amount I can...excrete.

It's only been...


I was drained. Fuck.

I officially went on a diet (that lasted more than 2 days, LEMME HEAR U SAY WHOO!) a week back and my meals were mainly PACKED with greens, beans, yoghurt and...erm...liquid? Besides dinner. Mommy will practically fry me alive to make barrels of oil if I skipped or ate lesser.

I have no complains la okay cos like what the ex-colleagues used to say, I'm a cow. So it's good.

But laying off yummy food like the cookies stacked in the kitchen and brownies that I made (they taste good excuse moi) and many food is just...traumatizing la okay.

I think it's healthier to exercise and eat regular portions so...there.

*crickets chirping*

Ok I think this post is just an excuse just so I can eat fatty food...guilt free.

Give me the looks la...I'm not looking...NOT LOOKING.

And hopefully I can leave the office earlier then head to Bukit Jalil and get back into the swimming regime.

Boss, CAN? XD

Ok kidding. I can do it over weekends. (Calculations: 2 hours a day, accumulated, I'd need to swim 12 hours straight on Saturdays).

That's how I failed maths probably.

I wonder if Barsonic-ing, 2 weeks in a row did any good. NO DRINKING OKAY. Epitome of goodness.

Okay weekend's started. Gig...then karaoke.

Weekends should never end. XD

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