Monday, March 22, 2010


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Amy Macdonald, This Is My Life

I'm easily annoyed but a certain things.
And these things annoy me at a different phase of my life.
Or rather...a different time.

And they differ as I grow.
Like how I used to be annoyed when someone blasted songs at work.
Now I cannot survive without some cacophony of...deafening rock that probably annoys the fuck outta the other workmates.


My level of tolerance peaked a whole new height today.

You know how draggy and boring meetings can go.
Especially when one of the peeps sitting in is a blaring, boastful and occasionally sarcastic meany.
No wait, not talking about that fart. Talking about this auntie seated beside me, that has this habit of reaching out her moist hands/palms to touch a part of me that she can randomly reach...because she thinks by that, I'd understand the situation better.

*colleagues in conversation*
Auntie: Jaymee, *head facing other colleagues while listening to them and at the same time talking to me, moist palms patting onto my arms and shoulders or rather anywhere she can reach* lei ming mou (you understand)? Can ar?
Peanut: *stone face, looking at her hands, nodding* Ming.

And that went on for about 1/2 an hour until I could see stains on my skin.
No just kidding.
But yeah, annoying.

And in the same meeting, as I was about to mentally wander off and party with my Mad Hatter, the following statement threw me right back to earth.

*Peanut multitasking, listening, writing and wandering*
Fart: Oh! I'm not very accurate with my shooting.
Peanut: O.o...*tries hard to stifle a laugh*...

I then realized it was a personal conversation with the sweaty-palm that I accidentally over-heard. Sorry I eavesdropped. I was sitting too near. XD

Fart's a male by the way.
Hero asked: How did you interpret it?!


How could I have interpreted it, I ask you hah?!
Knowing me!


Thistle, Port Dickson

I'm gonna be responsible for once.

Part of the bed, the balcony and an extra couch at the corner where we lazed the afternoon off watching Storm Riders II, eating rubbish. Love No.1

I'd pay just for the LCD screen. It's so huge I can lie at the far edge of the bed and still not put my glasses on. Love No.2

Love No.3.
Although, Nat and I did think that it looked a tad too much like the Gurney Hotel that was drowned by Tsunami *gulps*

Swam in the evening.
Swimsuit still fits, I can still float. Peanut's epic win!
And I found breadcrumb-like dirt in the pool.
Or could it be puke.
Oh it's the baby's pool it could b poo. XD

I said: Che, stupid pose please.

Then I said again: Che Che, another one. But saw her in the mirror and beh tahan sial d.
I have...a lot of teeth.

Went to a Chinese restaurant, ate shitloads and bill was a bomb. LOL
But it was yummy. And it was raining so the claypot stuff helped. Warms the insides you know.
And then we did pool and foos.

My dad is hot I know. Stop oogling.

Oh I got a cramp on my foot cos I posed too long. :D

Headed back to the room for Oscars.
A few hours down, got a text from Anne saying that they're on the way.
For real.

Came with Rota and Spritzer.
Went to the pool and yakked a couple hours off.
Brazilian wax, poo, thai akuas rule.

Damn layan ok.
Had to forgo Robert Downey Jr. for them.
Such is love.

Crashed too late.
Woke up even later the next day.
And missed a whole lot.

She knew we were leaving and she was probably saying her nainais, baibais and seeyous to a cruise because...

We saw a cruise the night before faraway. And I told her it's called Titanic.

We'll be back.


  1. the room is nice and the tv is superb. mana ni?

  2. Thistle looks so nais!! so serene and relaxing, me is wants to go toooooooooooo

  3. U IS GOATS!!!! IT EEZ GOOOODS!!! even the beach and sea is clean u know...amazingly. ;)

  4. omg..y the hotel photos here so nai wan!!! Tis ez a good post!!

  5. the bed pic? COS I EEEZ PHOTOGRAPHDESS!!!
    my posts are all good hmph. XD eh but then the pool shot is from ur multiply. nxt time mst credit or not? TEEHEE

  6. i like ur sis post. the 1st post. very cute. kakakakakaka