Thursday, July 31, 2008

i did have a good childhood --- in conjunction with Olympics

i was always reminded that i was pathetic as a kid. i loathed going to kindergarten because i nvr had frens. or rather no one wanted to be my fren? or i nvr wanted a fren. if i remained the same i could've been a genius. kan all ppl liddat are geniuses. WAHAHA...i sucked la. daddy and mommy will always jog my memory of how i sat myself in the middle of the field and frowned during sports day when everyone was actively moving about. i loved my barbie dolls and staying at home. PEANUT THE FREAK!!!

ok that was until standart 3...where i stopped crying everytime i had to go to school. yes i cried until standart 3 i think. wee! so proud la. then i started making frens i guess. at least i remember making a couple frens who wont occasionally mention...'yer she got 1 star more we dun fren her'. ok i still remember clearly who said that cos YES! I KEEP GRUDES!! WAHAHHA...anyway, i guess i started to open up after meeting yinng. cos she introduced me to more ppl (apparently she knows everyone who's in that school. mayb even the pakcik gardener) and i realized i had the ability to bitch even at a very tender age. so we bitched all the way until now. YAY!!! MWAH!

so the reason of this post remind myself what a fantastic elementary education i had. when i did not have to study and scored 99 for my math, had the bestest frens (then), got into the best class for god-knows-why reason, draw on lala-shells and sell (many ppl bot) before getting caught and pinched in front of the whole class) played badminton like giler babi and yong hock kin was my favourite, played 'my heart will go on' on the recorder, buy smash hits...and do illegal stuff b4 running to pn.leong that'll help us hide all our illdoings. walao damn nice. she even helped me do a math question during a year-end exam cos she tot i was slightly bonkers after dengue. sukaaa!!!

then after upsr we were totally free. we did murals that still stands strongly till date. ugly like fuck but bangga sial.

WARNING: Picture snapped by Low Yinng Yinng and i disgracefully stole it. :D...terima kaseee sayanggg!!!

got shading summore okay...budak 12 tahun wat u expect. and i swear daddy nvr helped. okla mayb he sketched on artpaper then i copy la but then still!!! fuh...damn pandai kan we all.'s almost perfect.

why almost? cos vinisha anitha rajadurai wrote my name wrongly. i suspect she's dyslexic. take a closer look.

sweat...the Z is...inverted shall i say? not really noticeable there (gotta enlarge to see) but...IT IS TERBALIKSSS!
it's damn unfair. everyone shud b given an authority to paint their own names! then at least they'll make sure it looks best and no mistakes made. i'm scarred forever. and it faces the freaking main road. holy moly...but i still love it. TO THE MAXIMUS.

i'll make a trip back next week and take a picture of the orang utan that looks more like a papaya next week. gembiraaa!!!!!!!!!


baby ving anne decided to swim in the water bag a little longer because the heat on earth is scorching.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Count Down...One, Toot, Tweet...*updated*

four...five...six....mayb seven...eight...
i don't know exactly when the princess is arriving.
but anytime soon...

*runs to the street and grabs everyone hand to form a circle*

make it an august 1st baby.



mtv asia almost there...


Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince's trailer out.
not interesting. reminds me of The Omen.
it could've been a good birthday present!!! hmph


Moonlight Resonance is SO BLADY GOOD!!!!! mayb cos the first wan sucked too much. HOHO!
i conned mommy into watching...and then from there thought of making her initiate to daddy that it's worth buying the entire freaking package so that we can watch everyday.
but then she wasn't so convinced and was questioning if we'd have time to watch daily.
and before i could even try to come up with valid excuses, daddy said:
' repeats every 45 we can watch anytime. i think you order tmr la'.

1800-82-8888- Astro on Demand...Faai D Cheem Kau Yuk Lung Pui Tou Geh Ga Hou Yuet Yuen La!!!

promotion sial. the poster sucks shit la. damn gay the color.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


nothing much has been going on.
apparently the application is processing and i shall get a call sumtime next week. :S
did not do much lately besides having an inflamed throat that left me woozy for 2 days...staying home has been my choice becos i need to save money to buy nicer working clothes. WEEE! so i have stacks and stacks of old dvds and vcds (ie- mighty ducks, princess diaries, lotr, pirates...) running non stop on the players.
and to anyone who hasn't collected their petrol rebate, pls do so cos it'll suddenly make u very rich. so rich can get rob sial.

anyone has tix to the mtv asia awards?
can get me a few?
i buy u breakfast.
and lunch.
and dinner.
ok mayb even supper.
terima kasih.

*looks outside the window and stones thinking about daughtry*
why are we home when he's jamming there yinng? so salah.

whn's this bitch coming out?! CEPATTT!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why So Serious and Loads of Pictures...apparently

The Dark Knight was...

ok it was 94% on rotten tomatoes but i'm not sure i'm gonna give it that high just because everyone's flocking into the cinemas after the hype's that going on for a bit now.

i njoyed it. it was a midnight premier and throughout the entire 2 hours and 32 minutes, there was never one moment where i was drifting off (besides towards the end where i was getting a desperation to wee). it'd gip it a 7.5/10. call me shallow but i've never been really a fan of dark and gothic movies (do u call that goth) but i rather pay for real entertainment where u can laugh and get awed by all the kick ass action sequences ie ironman OR KUNGFU PANDA. the dark knight was depressing...the reason mayb heath ledger was so awesome it made me wanna cry each scene he appears with his rotting skin.

the movie's really long. just when i thought it was about to end they had more coming. gary oldman was so not sirius...teehee! i do not really fancy michael caine as alfred mayb even ian mckellen might've been better. two face was more like terminator (quote= joesy) and maggie gyllenhaal...god i love her brother but she just doesn't convince being an eye candy. katie holmes wasn't a good idea either la so...and i totally detest batman's overdone voice. he needs lozenges.

byk complain sial. but it was worth a watch. only 1 watch. 3 points goes to the 2 second appearance by edison chen. blady buggers they had to remove his scenes. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


luna bar fails if they do not operate the pool side area. just close it the next time u've got any events going on. and do not send us waitresses that do not know how to read off the menu!

hardrock was good. they had very cute ppl. :D and very good rockers. OOOOH LAAA LAAAAA!!!!

don't leave us alone with the camera...i'm so mch tanner now kan?!?!?! :D

this is for maharaja lee. i demand u to return to tanah melayu with cranes of the bestest beer. skol was so...yohhh!!!

Looooaaadssss of pictures. all in facebook...AhHAhA!


Dinner in Fortuna was goods.

i feel lke an aunty all over again.

and My Heart Will Go On is the best. WEEEEEEEEEEEE

Friday, July 11, 2008

Randomness...Really Random

Uneasiness creeps everytime I abandon my blog for a period too long. So much that I've decided to use accurate punctuations just for the sake of it. *peace*

I'm contemplating returning to The Star while keeping in close contact with the OTHER party that will determine the future of mine. Contemplating. How ironic. It will be after all much better than all the other companies that have decided that I am suitable to fill their vacancies. Sorry la I'm not so desperate to be receiving an average pay doing administration or accounting tasks. Situation's different if you have interesting colleagues or better bosses to look up to. :D. And and and...definitely not from some dingy looking firm filled with overworked ladies that can no longer stretch their lips to form a smile at the sight of a visitor. *shivers*.

Lord of the Rings marathon is awesome. I love Prancing Pony. And I've decided that I'd like to further study Quenya and Sindarin if I ever do Masters. :D

I'm re-reading The Hobbit. And hopefully rumours that James McAvoy would be taking the role of Bilbo Baggins is true. *YaY!!!*

The latest Indiana Jones is not too bad. Because the other 3 instalments are equally funny and I don't mind sitting through entirely.

Atonement is very very good...and depressing.

A fucking huge bag of marshmallows is RM33.90. I'm sneaking in to the supermarket tonight and smuggling it for my movie hours at night.

Durian season is here. The pungent smell handicaps everything else with its penetrating power. Nat bought 7 packets and we're gonna whack it all by tea time. *YaY!!!*

Hotmail is still a stabbing pain in the ass...just slightly better now.

Should I Zouk tonight?!!!

That's all...(Inspired by Devil Wears Prada)

*Runs off and dives into the durians*

Monday, July 7, 2008

I Want To Post!

cos i sacrificed my sreeping time just to finish the match!!!
i was supposed to sleep early to be all prepared for interview the next day k! but then nadal seems to be more attractive so...weeee!!!!

5 hour match
giler babi...

...was what i wrote on the whiteboard at 5am++ to announce the gloryyyy so that the sleeping parents can c when they bangun. tat was how despo i was. i was never an avid fan. but then poor thing sial they had to whack each other for 5 hours (including delay due to rain)...but still...giler babi.

i was standing on my bed towards the end of the match.
first cos i really wan nadal to win...cos i support dark horses...not that he's one but then federer has won enuff lah. secondly cos i really wanna tido. but then federer doesn't seem to mampus.
can cry together when he won...

confirm my reaction was liddat too at the end. the difference is:
Nadal: Gracias!! I Won!!
Peanut: Thank you! I sleep!!



im gonna remove the plastic sheets off the prince after i bathe it tomoro.
who wanna come watch?!
WAHAHAH!! ok tido.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

MA' BABYYY!!! & Wanted

no not that baby.
MY MYVIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay away from me if u c a super brack, SE MYVI on the roads k (not telling num just in case ppl stalk me :D). currently it'll only be around the roads of kajang cos daddy said i shouldn't drive it too far away when we're still unfamiliar with each other. and apparently i can't drive too fast until it hits dunno how many KMs. :S.

which means from tomoro onwards, i'm gonna abandon the kembara. thank you i love you. but you're too mahiao. rm50 now 1/2 tank oni. tak suka!!!


i strongly believe that james mcavoy shud not be placed at the corner of the poster. he reminds me a bit of justin chatwin...

worry no more if you realize that you pay no attention or have no interest in anything in life. that's just because u dun belong to where u are now.
i'm no longer worried if i can't secure myself with a proper job. i'll just start running on top of the ktm, try removing the meat right before the butcher chops it into 1/2 at the market, and practice swinging my arms in order to have a perfectly curved bullet.

first person i'll point the gun at...dominos owner. PTAH!
fantastic movie. go watch la everyone. dun bring ur brains along. just be awed by the action...and james mcavoy...AND angelina jolie...fucking hot can just die.


p.s- omg i love jason mraz
terima kasih babi!!