Friday, July 11, 2008

Randomness...Really Random

Uneasiness creeps everytime I abandon my blog for a period too long. So much that I've decided to use accurate punctuations just for the sake of it. *peace*

I'm contemplating returning to The Star while keeping in close contact with the OTHER party that will determine the future of mine. Contemplating. How ironic. It will be after all much better than all the other companies that have decided that I am suitable to fill their vacancies. Sorry la I'm not so desperate to be receiving an average pay doing administration or accounting tasks. Situation's different if you have interesting colleagues or better bosses to look up to. :D. And and and...definitely not from some dingy looking firm filled with overworked ladies that can no longer stretch their lips to form a smile at the sight of a visitor. *shivers*.

Lord of the Rings marathon is awesome. I love Prancing Pony. And I've decided that I'd like to further study Quenya and Sindarin if I ever do Masters. :D

I'm re-reading The Hobbit. And hopefully rumours that James McAvoy would be taking the role of Bilbo Baggins is true. *YaY!!!*

The latest Indiana Jones is not too bad. Because the other 3 instalments are equally funny and I don't mind sitting through entirely.

Atonement is very very good...and depressing.

A fucking huge bag of marshmallows is RM33.90. I'm sneaking in to the supermarket tonight and smuggling it for my movie hours at night.

Durian season is here. The pungent smell handicaps everything else with its penetrating power. Nat bought 7 packets and we're gonna whack it all by tea time. *YaY!!!*

Hotmail is still a stabbing pain in the ass...just slightly better now.

Should I Zouk tonight?!!!

That's all...(Inspired by Devil Wears Prada)

*Runs off and dives into the durians*

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