Thursday, July 3, 2008

MA' BABYYY!!! & Wanted

no not that baby.
MY MYVIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay away from me if u c a super brack, SE MYVI on the roads k (not telling num just in case ppl stalk me :D). currently it'll only be around the roads of kajang cos daddy said i shouldn't drive it too far away when we're still unfamiliar with each other. and apparently i can't drive too fast until it hits dunno how many KMs. :S.

which means from tomoro onwards, i'm gonna abandon the kembara. thank you i love you. but you're too mahiao. rm50 now 1/2 tank oni. tak suka!!!


i strongly believe that james mcavoy shud not be placed at the corner of the poster. he reminds me a bit of justin chatwin...

worry no more if you realize that you pay no attention or have no interest in anything in life. that's just because u dun belong to where u are now.
i'm no longer worried if i can't secure myself with a proper job. i'll just start running on top of the ktm, try removing the meat right before the butcher chops it into 1/2 at the market, and practice swinging my arms in order to have a perfectly curved bullet.

first person i'll point the gun at...dominos owner. PTAH!
fantastic movie. go watch la everyone. dun bring ur brains along. just be awed by the action...and james mcavoy...AND angelina jolie...fucking hot can just die.


p.s- omg i love jason mraz
terima kasih babi!!

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