Sunday, June 29, 2008

C'est Manifique

Besides the 1 hour delay due to technical problems (mulfunction of backdrop changing motor) discussed by several ticket attendants and we overheard kepoh-ly, the entire show can be overall rated as...GOODssss.

there were heaps of barbaric people around us that started jeering and asking the management to refund after the crew and musicians retreated backstage and sum stood up clapping in dissaproval of the delay. but then hey! it's msia wert...shudn't everyone b really used to the fact that nothing begins on time? but seriously, 1 hour is a bit too much. and not only that, events management totally sucked big time, left the audience in the dark cold arena and no one uttered a single word about the mishap.

anyway, it was better than expected considering certain negative comments that i've read before the show. the song selections were weak at times and i dun really understand why they shud remove the original songs and add in so many new ones. GASTON was SO HOT CAN CRYYYY. Lumiere was HOLY CRAP SO SEXY and the beast was fucking gay. SO GAY KENOT MAKE IT GILER BABI OK!!!! imagine a fucked up face, big, bushy and sissy. gross!

CHIP. apasal muka mcm leeboonheng. the boy was not bad. ;)

after the show while i was walking around trying to grab sum merchandizes, i walked past this angmoh surrounded by many gals and aunties. then cm said it's gaston. stupid woman took lke forever to have her picture taken cos the mom or sumthing din know how to handle her sony ericsson and by the time i could go near the freaking security escorted him away. he was in pink shirt, beach pants and slippers. tall, lean with brit accent. WOI!!!

i had a great time. happenings before the show can be totally ignored.

i kenot last too long watching movies or shows without marshmallows. hmph


the monkey has finally got herself employed. REJOICEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm rejecting the offer.

gtg...need to think of a nice and polite way to tell them why i larikan diri.

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