Sunday, June 1, 2008


the peanut is officially home...
safe and dry!!!!!!!

bangkok is so fucking awesome i shall go there every year and stop shopping here. yay!
i went on a cruise.
i ate like a pig.
i drank like beer was free.
i visited the Grand Palace and wished i was the baby gal of King Mongkut or Rama 1-9.
i visited all the temples i could ever visit in my entire life i think...(and apparently there are more in other provinces it seems) *:S*
i took pictures with elephants. *double :S*
i wore a yellow sarong cos i forgot that shorts weren't allowed in the temples. *triple :S*


the money spent can last me 2-3 months.
dun lemme buy anything when we go out together okay.
Kob Kun Kaa...

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