Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy's Birthday & Bangkok Part I

first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all those cheesy cheesy speeches has been made during mother's day so i shall just keep it simple.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty or not...WAHAHAH


i miss bangkok like nuts.
it's a different experience. i can shop and shop and shop and the parents will still say..'buy la'. that's on the shallow surface. besides, i can be totally laid back and njoy the sunshine and greens, how close to nature those ppl are (ie still living on the riverbank) that shows how simple their life can be and i can spend quality time with the parents.

it suddenly struck me that...the next trip together might not be in the near future. cos i'd be tied down by my new responsibilities as i slowly sail through the next phase of my life (that is to fucking work) and i suddenly wonder if i could still be a little girl anymore and sleep on the same bed with them like what i did in bkk. was super cold ok and the bed was big. MEHH!!

and the reality has finally sunk in. it's time to hunt for jobs...seriously. cos there are no more other lame excuses like 'after tioman..or after bangkok' to rely on. :S...wish me luck. WISH ME LUCK!!! the proper luck that i'm asking for k. wishhh...

on a truely happy note:

BANGKOK --> 27 - 31/5/2008

AirAsia is good. LCCT is not.
it's like puduraya without the ahchas. :S
but the flight was fine. i njoyed it. i finally overcame my fear. JOY TO THE WORLD!!!

on the prane...i stayed awake just in case i mite be in luck to witness superman or ironman or mayb sum sunset fairies and angels on duty. until the weather changed and the plane started getting slightly bouncy. slept immediately!

boarded at 645pm, arrived 2.5 hours later. the airport was fantastic. klia can just go eat shit...lcct can...just be demolished. but i still love klia for sum reason. :S

i have been in bkk for 5 days. i slept everytime i was on the bus/private van and i nvr memorized the itinerary. therefore i dun remember the names of the places. *grins*

sum rest area of the King's of it...

i forgot that the trips would be on the first day...i wore shorts. so whoever had their freaking limbs too exposed, had to adorn a wraparound. dun hate me...the sarong made me sexier ok. WAHAHAHA...oh and we were lazy like pig. we took the buggy and drove around instead.

all the angmohs were all damn fascinated by my fusion outfit. and they have these elephant trimmings all over the country. SO REALISTIC OKAYYYY

they looked serious oni. they started smiling and winking at my cam when i snapped their pix. tsk tsk

these were bombed and destroyed by the burmese some hundred years's the only place left opened for tourists. the rest are all reserved. all the buddha statues in this area are beheaded and armless just to show how powerful they were back then. if anyone watched ONG BAK, that's how those buddha heads ended up how they were.

that tree in the middle apparently was where buddha meditated

the tree closeup. the roots grew around the head and it's now locked in. whoever who wants to snap a picture has to kneel or squat in order to be lower than the height of the head as a sign of respect. kinda freaky actually but it's buddha so...oh mei to fatt.

another temple. 5 mins away. dunno la ape nama

the golden statue in the temple. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! it's completely made of gold and it's a wonder that they allow pictures to be taken. and most angmohs entered the temple, knelt and prayed. toking about not being allowed to enter temples being of another religion. PTAH! RESPECT!

the biggest sleeping buddha in ayathuya. it's super big really. i'm lke...the size of the baby toe. :S

River Cruise along Chao Phraya. these fishies were so big when they flipped, i was wet while trying to capture this pic. crap...

wah like damn enjoy. they served really good food. and it reminded me a lot of yellow river in china.

the captain knows i suka camwhore!!! opened the barrier for me to snap a pic. i guess i accidentally lost control and turned the steering thing and the boat moved slightly off track. WHOO HOO!!!

the river cruise mall...where the pier is and where the cruise docks

Siam Centre. Siam is cool. YAY! (only to those who understand wat siam is)

they fold their lotus petals...for wat i forgot. :D

first temple early in the morning. i just wokeup la so i duno where this was. but anyway i mistook a 'kau chim' counter for an amulet counter. put 10 baht in and a paper came out saying i'd be far from my loved one blah blah blah. not as in in my boi. lke ngau long jik lui where they freaking meet 1ce a year. wtf mien. i threw it away. OH!! and it also said at the end..'u'll get a baby boy'...HAHAHAHA!

like the statues in haatyai, u pay, get a gold strip and make a wish as u stick on the buddha. wherever u have ailments, stick on the position of the statue. i think i had it on the middle of the forehead. cos it was empty there. :D

Grand Palace. REALLY GRAND. like..REALLY!!!

if it wasn't proven that it's wholly built by human, i can quite confirm it was by aliens. it was super intricate. like the below...FOR EVERY SINGLE BLOCK WEII!!

each gold/glass were sliced manually and pasted on the buildings until it forms a full block. it took only 7 years. hellloooo...SEVEN YEARS. i tot it took lke 700 or sumthing.

the area where they serve guests and have makansss. the white building at the back, is the tomb of the king's sister. *stone*

the temple where everything is pure gold. the costume of the buddha is changed by the king himself every season. apparently he's an old man now so the crown prince does it. my cons fell off in the hotel and i forgot my specs so all i saw was...a room hampered in gold. the walls were all fully illustrated and confirm after watching sixth sense also can sleep there soundly if i were alone. bagus!

guest house. loads of western culture hence the state of the building.

look at the landscape.

another sleeping buddha. this was an eye opener. it's super big and it's gold also. there are 108 buddha positions therefore they had 108 bowls there where u can make a wish as u throw the coins in. i mumbled my many many wishes and at the 108th bowl, i had 6 coins left. i dunno wat happened. how? *peanut stones*

the 'hair' of the buddha. the leg is carved with the 108 positions. super people.

marble temple. the next time anyone chooses a tour, can ignore this wan la. nothing much.

the buddha in the marble temple.

the windows.

the Grand River Cruise i was looking forward to. it's not like the sampan at the back. the one we took was way way way way way better.

then it started to freaking drizzle.

and it poured. so hard that the umbrella the fella was holding on top was blown off. the ground was flooded so we were invited for a free drink at the bistro nearby. toking about pr skills. sum ran for it...totally drenched to the skin. we waited out cos i was wearing my new heels and many others were afraid they'll fall over into the river as i overheard.

mommy on the cruise.

me on the other side near the windows. that's a jap boy that ate lke 10000 pieces of sushis.

the parents and the cute singers that sang a nat king cole song upon daddy's request. he started singing along 1/2way. super stone! i lifted my glass and forced him to drink so he'll keep quiet.

ok very tedious la.
next post more interesting confirm.

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