Saturday, June 7, 2008


AND TOTALLY HORRENDOUS like giler babi can cry 1000000 times dot com.

for a mo, i tot i wasn't in the picture.
and to my horror, i was. :S

but i like the pictures. it reminds me of the times i've had back then where everyone was as lazy and indisciplined like i was...i mean i still am la.
and i'll keep this to remind myself how i can't allow myself to ever look like that ever again.

sibeh ugry.

but i think it wouldn't be as bad as my cibai simba hair. totally traumatized. and with that, i made my first ever trip to hk. WHY?!??! WWWHHHYYYYY?!??!?!?!?!
that why mst go again la right or not?
*peanut tells herself*...RIGHT.


Kungfu Panda is so good i queued 3 freaking different times in mv just to get the tix the day after watching it with the monkey so that i can watch it again with the parents. i still couldn't get it. who wanna watch? come let's watch again. cantonese version oni ok i wan. cos eason chan was DIMS AR!!!!!!!!!! jack black wouldn't be able to pull it off like him. YAY!!!

oh...i need to continue updating about bkk...i think i almost forgot everything d. :S

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