Monday, August 31, 2009


this shud've come earlier.
if i had not joined bbdo...

and i kinda thank god i did. althou work's O.o.
cos i had a couple more months to bond with the colleagues that i'd prefer to call frens now.
a couple months extra before i step into the corporate world.
a couple months many things i'd rather explain using pictures but then it's 11.40pm now and in approximately 7 hours, i'd be heading out towards a whole new working experience.

and in the midst of the emo-ness, besides the occasional msges from the sister and friends and ex colleagues, things like this warm me up.


i stole the following picture from nowa's blog. it has been set as my office pc wallpaper for the past...whole year perhaps. LOL

i wont drink milo alone in the new office.
i'll get my own cup.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

was supposed to...

blog about the past year.
about the ups and downs of my first working experience.
about leaving the company for real.
how it's only sinking in now...

and i'm falling ill.


totally not prepared.
i dun even have the proper attire.

i think i'm more emo than i tot i'd be.
not the the extend of burning the place down thou.

fuck you!
i wanna sing a taylor swift song.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the couple things that i wont be able to do anymore out there...

probably the longest title i've ever inserted.

but yeah. i'll miss these inappropriate gestures that i've thought to be extremely normal even when it is packed with other people.

totally despise students that score doing this jump. but wtf. i'm not a student. my grades stink. i have all the reasons to do fucked up poses.

hold a malibu bottle and run around with a reindeer headband when christmas is...5 years away.
have colleagues do gross poses together after lunch (hence the crowd) in IKEA.


a boss that's scarier than me.

facebook and msn during office hours...which i was initially forbidden to do but I DUN GIP A FUCK. HEAR ME?! I DUN GIP A FUCK.

playdoh during working hours. throw shit around and u get people clicking on 'LIKE' after posting it up on facebook.

lunch for 5 hours.

karaoke. free flow. all paid for.

and last but not least...

imagine if id to do this in sunway.

do u think they'd lock me up forever?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello World

i owe the keyboard and the blog an apology.
keyboard cos i haven't been particularly gentle as time spent at home on the computer is basically used to channel my anger.
blog cos...i saw a string of cobweb lying across the page.

and as usual, when i'm supposed to be frantically completing the deck for a presentation on monday (to be approved by the boss tomorrow MORNING), i had this desperate urge to blog. in other words i think it's also called slacking, procrastinating...or just being plain lazy.

after such a long introduction, i don't even remember the purpose of me blogging anymore.

oh well sumthing worth mentioning, I LEFT THE OFFICE AT 8.03pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT and had a SLIGHT adrenaline rush when i saw the TRAFFIC JAM as i haven't been able to be part of such a huge vehicle party for a while now.

honestly, i was happy to see a jam.

until i felt hungry. *stones*
u know the time of the month, when u're losing monthly red blood cells, hormones fluttering all over the place, all u wanna do when u're hungry is just to slap sumthing rich, sinful and orgasmic into ur blady mouth.

for a split second i wanted to tahan till i reach kfc and have my dose of zinger burger. fail. jam. kenot make it. esso's a couple yards away though but it's still nearer. oh! the emergency lane's pretty empty. shud i g...oh!! a car zooms past!! i shall follow!!!


mr.mata diri kat depan tunjuk tangan suruh henti pastu yang seterusnya tidak bisa dieksplainasi unless i wanna be marooned to taiwan or sumthing. pendek kata, i'm poorer by a bit now. *BAWLS*

moral of the story is...freaking finish ur work in the office! now get slapped in the face!...seriously i rather get slapped. hmph

digressing, REAL points worth mentioning:

UNO) i quit. yes, again shaddap. 2 more weeks hopefully.

DOS) i went wakeboarding, burnt both my arms and they're still peeling. BUT I LOVE IT!

TRES) i'm gonna get a new phone just so i can have gps and so everyone can't laff at me for being road blind anymore. hmph.

QUATROS) i'm also gonna b red headed without the consent of my family cos i'm pretty sure they're gonna say...'START NEW JOB DUN DO RUBBISH LA!'...i wonder if i can brainwash the corporate world. le sigh. i'll so miss jeans and tshirt. :(

...LIMA) i'm...broke.

OH WOW SUCH A LONG POST! I ROCK. back to work.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Evil is...

when you're slogging off in the office at an atrocious hour,
you get a message from your friends saying...

'Hei! ur missing out! But v miss u!'

such is love, when you're a hungry little churchmouse, the next message comes in saying...'we had soup, peking duck, chu sau...and red wine'.


I WAN CHU SAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no more abalone for u hero! u abandoned me for chu sau. hmph

can go again or not? :(


happy birthday hee ving anne!!!

i is laps u.

remember ok, i'm yeeyee...not mum mum.