Monday, August 31, 2009


this shud've come earlier.
if i had not joined bbdo...

and i kinda thank god i did. althou work's O.o.
cos i had a couple more months to bond with the colleagues that i'd prefer to call frens now.
a couple months extra before i step into the corporate world.
a couple months many things i'd rather explain using pictures but then it's 11.40pm now and in approximately 7 hours, i'd be heading out towards a whole new working experience.

and in the midst of the emo-ness, besides the occasional msges from the sister and friends and ex colleagues, things like this warm me up.


i stole the following picture from nowa's blog. it has been set as my office pc wallpaper for the past...whole year perhaps. LOL

i wont drink milo alone in the new office.
i'll get my own cup.

1 comment:

  1. I love that photo. Sangat warm & fuzzy. I'll miss the trio la. Tapi, the trio will always exist although we're working in different companies kan kan kan?