Friday, October 31, 2008

ITS WEEKEND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the moment that i've been having my countdown for eversince i inserted my last post.


i'm so relieved it's friday night i just wan this hour to freeze. i shudder just thinking about returning to work. no i'm not whining. and hold ur tongue if u're gonna tell me WORK IS LIKE THAT. or like stupid doctorfriendhew that says LIFE IS UNFAIR...seriously, dun be a psychologist okay. i dun wan the suicides rates to pffft

just gip me a comforting pat on the shoulder if i actually replied your msn messages in a polite manner this week. and when i say DO NOT NUDGE, it's for real. and do not rant that you're sleepy or feeling bored or you can go home at 530 because it'll just make the harsh side of me overshadow my brutal mind and murder u virtually by just typing thru msn. dun laff yes i blieve my highly tumultuous vibes can do it.

daddy said: 'leave if you want to. my daughter's not born to be bullied. not by some incompetent bastards'.
things liddat make me cry. NOT SOME INCOMPETENT BASTARDS THAT ROT THE WORLD OKAY!!! I DUN CRY IN THE OPEN ABOUT POINTLESS MATTERS PLSSS! and i'm not gonna leave just liddat. shows how weak i am. wait la...u wait!

i rant so much i hate myself. until a time where i just see it on ppl's faces scribbling...'shut the fuck up px. no1 wants to hear about ur pathetic, miserable, self-magnified life'.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And there it goes again...

i was desperately waiting for last friday to come.
because i know there'll be a happy drinking session...
i know i'll b meeting my frens that i haven't met for like umteen years...and...
there'll be a long weekend where i can do watever i wan and FUCK THE OFFICE!

so friday came!! and it's now gone...sighhh

anyhoos, i had a really great time. though i dun c any pix up yet from either of the parties which means this post will contain only abcs. we started the night at Decanter. drank...'not gonna mention' amount of beer to tomyam, bot hero a flaming (which made him go cuckoo) and then shifted to ttdi for 2nd round with a bottle of blueberry vodka. hit the sack at 5-ish. HOLY CRAP. damn long nvr sleep so late d okay. lke...since i started work! sigh i is old.

then i ffk-ed. YES I MAKE IT A POINT TO MENTION IT HERE OR ELSE IT'LL GO ROUND LIKE A CAMPAIGN SAYING THAT I MISSED SESI BERLAT THONG. anyway, i pleaded for 2 budaks to teman me until morning so that i wont sleep and the waking up late they dun wan. not fully my fault lor okay. then i woke around 12-ish, went for this beriyani set lunch with monkey. and then...

doop doop doop.

the heartbeat sped on like an unstoppable bullet train i had flashes of images in my mind that it'll 'overheat' and 'overhaul' and then i get heart attack or blah blah blah. DAMN SCARED OKAY!!! then as the monkey had to visit the doc to get her mc (not to mention, she laughed at my rock&roll hearbeat. hmph) i mite as well just convey my worry into words and c what i can get...and i've already got the worstest case scenarios in my mind.

'were u anxious about anything or are u stressed?'
'yahh...i had to come c u of course anxious la! stress oso cos i hate my job'

he pat my back sympathetically. and told me it's pretty normal as certain indian spices contain opiate and one can just go natural high!!! ok no he din say that i assume he meant that cos if i were to attend a drug test, i'd be positive of it. it's either that, or...i googled and it could've been alco indigestion.

in other words, no alco for px for the time being.
and my period is weird. OH MIEN WAT'S WRONG WITH ME!! I NEED A NEW JOB! ANYONE NEEDS TO HIRE AND PAY ME LOADS TO TOK OR WRITE?!?! I CAN WAN U KNOW!! i just got to know freelancing writing css codes can make you a millionaire. i can manage my blog pretty well. thou i decided not to design my own...anyone wants to pay me lke rm10 per hour (pros get like 2.5k/hr okay!) and i make one for u? HUHUHU!!!


the filthy worthless bane of existance that ruined the fucking amplifier of my electric guitar has gone right to hell...i think.
of all freaking places it decided to lay it's nest in my amp and the little rodents failed to live and finally rot in it. the smell that swirled out was so revolting even the maid nearly barfed.

eventhough i haven't been playing for a could've just excreted your future generations of pests somewhere that did not cause that much ok.




but the slow natnat has not uploaded the pix. and i don't think we took many cos we were too busy layaning ourselfs to the food. i guess i had at least 50 sticks of all sorts with chocolate fondue. i wanted to just grab a chair and sit in front of the fountain or extend my tongue for the thick creamy dark orgasm-ish liquid to flow right down ass. holy crap.

ok gotta mandi and pray to kuanyin mommy said. cos i left my wallet on top of my car after pumping gas today and the nice bangla picked it up and returned it. i'm so gonna tip him rm5 tmr. or rm10. with a packet of kitkat maybe. SSWEEETTT!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I...was tagged

by Cherloyy
Those who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by them.
*Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.*

Tsk tsk...tags are horrid. i shudn't have done it last time. NOW NOW, dun go saying that i deserve it. i was just trying to get more ppl to blog. see i so nice. ok shutup lets go. (is the pic supposed to be part of the tag? :S)

1. What do you look for physically when you first meet him/her of interest to you?
Fingers...and earrings can? :D...ok i made that question so i'm gonna say the 2 things that u look out for. MEHHH
2. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her? i don't believe so. i is power...if i don't confess means to hell with u la...not good enuff.
3. Have you ever have a crush on someone that now, when you look back, you feel silly?
Yes. fullstop. enuff...NEXT
4. God is giving u just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven, IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
Baby, let's go together wan or not?
5. What will u say to a person who doesn't want to believe u?
:X...keep my mouth shut. why share my knowledge with shallow people. :D!!!
6. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
I don't like this question. But i dunno wat to change it to.
7. What' your opinion about someone who's jealous?
I IS POWERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Do you have something special with you all the time? ability to talk? like...non stop?
[[ =PART 2= ]]
*Best place to cry?
Under the shower. On the bed.
Who do you love the most?
1 only? tsk tsk this question is salah oso.
Name one person you'd like to date NOW?
James Mcavoy...or Ron Ng...ok let's make that 2 persons again. YAY!
Ever hated someone so bad?
So bad...i'm not even kidding. Damn bad like until now still hating. LoL!
The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
hmmm...that i'm slim? walao damn evil.
The last person you had a beer with?
With a whole jin gang of people. and only one can. tsk tsk...
The last person you went to the movies with?
The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
The last person you hugged? honey? yeah...
The last person you yelled at?
deep down inside i was the duck.
In the last week have you kissed someone?
Danced crazy?
Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
Today in the office. reason need not be stated. whenever there's the duck, there's anger. YES!
If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
Wish for more wishes...hey! i'm just copying the answer from yinng. she made me greedy not my fault.
If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
Maldives...then trick for an all expense paid trip for my family and a few friends too and REFUSE TO LEAVE!
Where would you wanna be right now?
On the beach, with a long island in hand, lying bside a fucking hot hunk...dun ask doing wat la!
Are you old fashioned?
If you mean do i wear shoulder pads and high waisted pants? Nola i think im not. TEEHEE!
What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
I do not love them back
What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Five facts About Me:-
- I love to rant.
- I hate snakes
- My family is my priority
- I'm efficient in conning money out of others
- I don't like to answer questions liddat because i don't really know what to write. Either i don't really know myself or...I have too mch to say. :D

Five things that excites me:-

- Food
- Liquor
- Sunshine+Beaches+Sea
- James McAvoy
- Clothes+Heels that fit me...

oh sorry got extra. omg no place for Shia place for Ron place for so many things!!

Two Songs Playing in My Head Lately:
- Katy Perry - I kissed a gal
- Takashi Sorimachi - Poison (YES STILL! Don't laugh! It still makes my day hurh!)

Whoever nak buat...buat je la.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eagle Eye


BIG BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you're about to roll your eyes, lift that suspicious eyebrow or your jaw is already down to your knees cos you're just not interested in little shia (which i hear from many especially peeps like..WQL (initials to protect her privacy teehee!) --- they just go...'yer that fella from transformers? tsk tsk'...fold all those back in la! NOW OK?!
get ur arse into the freaking cinema and be awed by it. and remember to bring a bit of your brain along cos it churns the cells and keeps them active from the start right till the credits appear. and dun lemme catch u dling it...cos i know before u can say shit, auntie faye yin will be saving it into her pendrive and sharing it with everyone. TEEHEE!! not that i'm not thankful for that gesture but KENOT FOR EAGLE EYE!! GRRR...
scared or not...? XD

WALAO SO SUKA MIENN!!! like i'm gonna watch this 499 times after Mamma mia's 500 and Transformer's 1000 times. and maybe Ironman 10001 times. sukaaaaaa gilerrrr babi!!!!!!
and ok i admit...i dunno why i like shia lebeouf. but i've watched everthing after even stevens and...i still have the urge to start lining up before the mall opens just so i can get the first tickets for his movies. mayb cos of his curly hair...or his tears...or his facial hair...or...
i know...i like weird ppl.
it's almost 108 hours til friday. so sad it's like plunging into a whole lake of poop.
and i think i'm totally traumatized because no matter where i went and every corner i stepped into, i could smell itik's perfume.
daddy said it's probably the detergent they use to spark the floor in midvalley...she mite be using the same brand so...

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is the time of the day where i'd been desperately looking forward to ever since my lower eyelid made a involuntary error and parted from my upper eyelid on a dreadful monday morning on the 13th October 2008 after the alarm clock went beeping away into my eardrums.

BUT...THE CONFETTIS POPPED JUST A WHILE AGO BECAUSE THE WEEKEND HAS BLADY STARTED!! HOORAY!! *come on get ur sweaty fat arse up from the sticky chair and cheer with me* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better cheer when u can because in the blink of 1/2 an eye, it'll be monday again and the whole monotonous routine...will repeat. OH MIEN...

now now, it's gonna be a happy post so kenot complain! SAY NO COMPLAINS TO WEEKENDS!


ok i'm so happy everything seems particularly positive. i guess it's due to the enormous Subway i had. px is currently addicted to Subway - Veggie Delight + Onions + Lettuce and +++ Olives. FUH SEDAP GILER BABI CAN HAVE THAT FOREVER.COM.MY. not joking. vegetables causes herbivorous orgasm.

its even better when u're having it in the car, and then have the corners of your mouth torn from the extreme size of the loaf. then during a traffic jam, u look over and then tempt the fucking asshole that refused to let u overtake them as u go side by side and make them drool over your juicy subway!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

it's been storming loads recently. so bad that...water came in to my house again. Just in case you wanted to know what happened 2 years back, check out ---> Here!

But then to make things more interesting (or else i wouldn't mention here), there's this neighbour a couple houses away whose toilet bowl decided to just lose control and blow up. and to make the entire horror epic even more terrifying, everything that the bowl had swallowed shot out all together and filled the entire house right up until ankle level. ok la if you're still wondering, the bloody fucking toilet bowl had berak shooting out like a fountain until the whole house banjir.

and not only that, the house accomodates 500 kids and 600 adults. so just in case you're really free over the weekend and well u're totally in for some charity, do drop by and help them blow dry their school books. damn poor thing ok. sigh. the fecking government is not doing anything. i swear that auntie lau lee ling did a better job. geez...OH YEAH so hero pls dun feel so sad k. just scooping muddy water is not so bad. and welcome home!

jan's having this class project:

It's RM60 @ The Apartment and all ticket sales will be donated to...dunno wat charity i forgot. SUPPORT SIKIT IF YOU'RE FREE!!! There's ribena and soya bean, goodie bags and t-shirt from planet hollywood to be won!! so unless u've got plans like me (and i'd be going right after), just go support sikit k!! TERIMA KASEE...

Monday, October 13, 2008

points to ponder

this is the moment where :

1. i get to watch whatever i want!! even if it's 12am and it's time for NIGHTLINE and i'm channel switching occasionally between 901 and 931 i irritate the fuck out of myself because i can't decide which is more interesting.

2. i've the mostest succulent part of the chicken/pork/beef/mutton/prawns/whale/racoon/goose and huge portions of soup all to myself! (chicken wings uncut with the top portion attached just so i can gnaw the juicy bit of flesh off the fat piece of fowl!)

3. i get to drink shandy right after dinner and mommy will just go...'-.-' (mouth closed)

4. i get to swear in all languages i can manage and everyone will just nod.

5. natnat asks me to take MC.

WORKING ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!


see...the company is screwing my mind upside down i is not joking.

i forgot that tmr's the date where hero's touching down for good (before jetting off for his training that fortes his abilities to do one-night-stands with the hottest chics midair 5000000 feet above ground...all over the globe). JERES!!! i doubt i can save enough money to paris la we go hk at the end of the year oni la ok ok ok?!?!?! :D

i tend to sign off every chatbox in msn saying...REGARDS~ or CHEERS~ and my most used work currently is REVERT.

i wake up in the morning and watch bloomberg checking the latest crude oil price

i actually told my parents that i can't take leave just because i wanted tomoro cos i can't put some of more likable colleagues in jeopardy. *sweat*
i nvr say no to leaves ok.
i's growing old. 0.0....................................................................

anyway, i was just joking about work rox.
it to anyone who's trying or knows anyone who wants to try sum luck in Proximity, BBDO, please get them to contact the banana. i conduct brainwashing classes. unless you know if they're totally drama queens that's never been through any shits in their life. then it's okay. a shit a day keeps the princess away.

it's jst...i'm not even a princess.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I should've personalized it from the start. The stats have been increasing out of no valid reason and it's making me worry that either BBDO is hacking in to see if i kutuk sial the piece of meat sitting right above me or ISA is poking in cos i fuck too much. NOW...I IS FREE TO TOK COCK AND SCREW WHOEVER I WANT USING THE INTENSITY OF MY VOCABULARY AND ANTHOLOGY OF THE MIGHTY BANANA!!!

stupid la just kidding.

i would like to extend my deepest apologies to those i know who have been contributing to the reduction of unemployment rates before me, if i had ever made any foul remarks that u've gotta get a grip on life and that u're boring all the sleeping souls to death because...*px drops to her knees* i totally have no life now!! it's even worst than the time when i was intern!!!!!!!!! *bawls*

i fall asleep without even switching the tv on, the pc in my room has been untouched i see sprinkles of dust on the keyboard, the frequency of the fridge door opening has decreased SO MUCH because im not home to ransack it for yummy food and fruits, i actually take breakfast every morning (as in real morning when i still see popos and gunggungs taking walks hand in hand to the pasar) - ok exaggerated, and the oni person i yamcha with now is with daddy cos...i is not happening anymore no1 wants to call me for yamcha sessions. *BAWLLSSSSSSS*. but i like yamchaing with the fa-zher cos it's been a while since we've makaned together. fuck work!

so to savour the time spent at home, i stayed up late last nite to catch movies and dramas that i've missed, watch youtube, chat and eat fruits (i'm fruit deprived because the fruits in uoa tower sells out b4 lunch. like everyone got serious case of constipation), walk around aimlessly to see if there're any new members of the earthworm family (we call them lucky) on the floor and slept at 630am feeling very contented. and then...i woke up 6pm today. -.-`

SO MUCH FOR SPENDING MORE TIME AWAKEEEEE. not that i want ok. daddy woke me up for breakfast...(or was it lunch...or tea?)...i dunno la but i jst managed a few...'OKs' then i was pulled back into slumber land. i din even dream!!! haih. so i blamed my dad for not waking me earlier (althou i sorta remembered him telling me that he bot rendang and nasi lemak and tong sui and this and that just so i'd be tempted and banguns) BUT he just smiles cos he feels that his pathetic daughter is having a terrible pathetic life in a pathetic company that treats their employees pathetically pathetic.

and so since he kept quiet, i got nothing to lose and debate for besides my whole saturday. i joined them for tea and had my...breakfast. and the rendang was already sour by then.

i whacked them all. cos it was actually quite tasty leh.
and i wonder if it'll trigger food poisoning.
good oso can apply mc. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

*i can't even find pictures to post anymore cos i haven't been going anywhere. sighhh...

Friday, October 10, 2008

I waits.

it's been a chore ever since i stomped my foot into this office.
not tedious...but it drains me off.

nola nola...i'm not treated as the 'newgirl' anymore, i know what you're thinking. i'm hands-on this project (i think) and the 'term' oni comes around when it's lunch time when they gangup and flock off for a meal sumwhere around kl together while i...shamelessly wait for sum1 to just pop the question if i'd like to join them for lunch and off i go no matter who they are. YAY!!! excuse me i don't eat lunches alone ok. if i'm alone i tapaos subway veggie delight. *peace*

so back to topic, working is like me going for a fishing trip. i thrust the bait into the pond, and i wait. i know i'm waiting for this particular unknown specimen to end my arduous effort but then the question is...WHEN? AND WHAT WILL IT BE? would it be energetic, forceful and enormous making it a challenge to net it up or a pygmy that would make your adrenaline go flushing right down to the tip of your toenails you wished you could've just vamoosed instead.
so metaphoric kan? can't blame me. kenot say things too straightfwdly here okay. what if they document everything like eagle eye and shoo me off the day before i'm done with my probation?! susah tau! anyway i've just did it cos...i dun gip a fuck la!! the most like daddy said i go work for leng's shop, get rm800 and go home for maggi sup sayur everyday to save cost je. tweet!

the span of time i take just waiting for the tasks to come just so i can complete it is absurd. i foresee something coming in...*shakes head*...i just dunno what. cos the pending list is close to infinite i'm not sure which heads the list. surely there'll be something for me...erm...yeah surely...

eat shit la.

so...i'm still waiting for the fish to come. and this time i know it's gonna be an ikan bilis. but i need this small catch to drive myself to the finishing line. SO HOR...

i waits. with my warm, thick cup of milo i'm pampering myself with. HEH!
apparently milo contained in chinese illustrated cans are banned for their melanine content. this is terribly depressing. that means from now on i mst drink Ho! Ho! Ho! ??? YERRR!!!...but our milo is made from haustralia kan? so i assume is safe. therefore...

i continue to waits...

with my milo. :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Is Ok

maybe just when i'm alone a bit emofied.
but then i drove home fine. i could bathe without tearing so...IT'S OKAY!!! lindachin tak yah msg me everyday d k. i laps u giler babi. u can go happily hockey with sumbody. :D
she hasn't entered my dreams yet thou. so lambat. hmph

can't wait for deepavali.
or rather any public holidays. as many as possible.

hopefully i won't ffk. AHHAhHAhA!!!

this is just a random post so that the other post wont remain sitted on top.
tak baik.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day to Remember

I'm not gonna elaborate because I don't want myself or any other people who knows how I feel to breakdown whenever they see this...

But you'll always be a part of us. I promise.

And I fucking miss you.

Be good okay...

Play with the fairies and if you know Pepper, tell him we all still miss him too.

Love you baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


u totally need to work cos holidays come as though it's the bestest gift from heaven. i've never enjoyed a holiday so much. just lying down there looking at the naked ceiling is fun. WEEE!

i wanna update cos i'm totally in love with the new song i just uploaded. i know when someone passes by and realizes i've not updated, they'd not stay until the song plays hence i'm gonna update just so u can hang on long enuff until meryl streep starts to sing. so nice can cry!!!!! u need to share the love!!! so...stone until the song comes up...and fall in love with it. *melts*

the horeedays have been going pretty well. i went to laundry for a bit of beer. i spent last nite with the random gang with...lots of beer and i totally hate beer now. NO MORE BEER FOR PX! NO MORE! it's all tea and milo now!!! hmph

Mamma Mia!

watever u say, IT WAS SO GOOD...i'm gonna watch it like 500 times in the cinema even if i'd to go alone. IT'S SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to admit that the first 1/2 hour wasn't too convincing as i had flashes of bollywood movies in my mind. but it all turned out to be really endearing and totally hilarious!!! colin firth and mr. 007 can sing. ZOMG!!! and now i just wish i'd earn enuff to jet off to the island of Kalokairi, drink cocktails with the greek gods and lie on the beaches watching sunrises (and sets) on a bed of roses with a fucking hot sorry. LoL!

Painted Skin

the only thing that is worth donnie yen which is why we went for the movie. its worthless to even walk to the cinema to just look at the poster. tsk dissapointment. and it was terribly dubbed. might as well just make it english. PTAH! oh yeah the evil wolf hantu zhou xun looked like an elf with her pale skin and hair colour. so we named her legolee. so cute.


Gathering @ Laundry

It reminds me of all the time we've spent together during uni days striving hard for our not sweet in a way but i liked it. LoL!

i'm working now. i had no energy to change after work therefore, i wore a turtleneck to a bar. WTF.

tw, px, nee

mei mei and boi. omg...wat's his name d?! crap.

kk, chaw zee @ 988 :D, mei-ee


this hairstyle of mine is essential for fatface production.

i'm gonna spend the rest of the holidays completing my gto animation on crunchy.
i refuse to buy the dvd. saving it for hotman 2. omg im jap bimbo now. LOL!