Friday, October 31, 2008

ITS WEEKEND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the moment that i've been having my countdown for eversince i inserted my last post.


i'm so relieved it's friday night i just wan this hour to freeze. i shudder just thinking about returning to work. no i'm not whining. and hold ur tongue if u're gonna tell me WORK IS LIKE THAT. or like stupid doctorfriendhew that says LIFE IS UNFAIR...seriously, dun be a psychologist okay. i dun wan the suicides rates to pffft

just gip me a comforting pat on the shoulder if i actually replied your msn messages in a polite manner this week. and when i say DO NOT NUDGE, it's for real. and do not rant that you're sleepy or feeling bored or you can go home at 530 because it'll just make the harsh side of me overshadow my brutal mind and murder u virtually by just typing thru msn. dun laff yes i blieve my highly tumultuous vibes can do it.

daddy said: 'leave if you want to. my daughter's not born to be bullied. not by some incompetent bastards'.
things liddat make me cry. NOT SOME INCOMPETENT BASTARDS THAT ROT THE WORLD OKAY!!! I DUN CRY IN THE OPEN ABOUT POINTLESS MATTERS PLSSS! and i'm not gonna leave just liddat. shows how weak i am. wait la...u wait!

i rant so much i hate myself. until a time where i just see it on ppl's faces scribbling...'shut the fuck up px. no1 wants to hear about ur pathetic, miserable, self-magnified life'.

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