Saturday, November 1, 2008


i'm so happy i wanna just blog and doodle.
i made sure daddy and mommy woke me up early in the morning so that i'd make a trip together with them to max's place (before she climbs into my dream and 'leaks lubricant' onto me LoL!! she will never do that i'd rather she does it at least i get to see her in my dreams). i was scared initially. but it wasn't that bad. i guess its the hormones acting's been acting up for the past week but oh well...

so cantik kan...besides the ugly planks but we're afraid sum other fucked up strays will dig her up. she's after all oni approximately 3-4m down. better not take the risk.

then i came home and had breakfast. i dont' remember the last time i had saturday breakfast and it was INDEED FANTARSTIKKK! nasi lemak with rm15 siu yuk okay!!! erm ok i share share with my dad but then still...SIU YUK IS GOOD FOR BREAKFAST BRUNCH LUNCH AFTERNOON TEA EVENING TEA DINNER SUPPER LATE SUPPER!!!
ok then i retreated to my dark cold room...and watched december boys. tsk tsk...bad choice. daniel radcliffe should only act as harry potter. at least for now. i'm refraining myself from watching equus because lke i told many people, i don't wanna imagine his hairy balls because i love eveyrthing about harry potter. so...STAY BEING HARRY POTTER UNTIL EVERYTHING'S OVER!!

the financial situation of the country has plunged, I BELIEVE, is due to me being caved from splurging and contributing to the flow of economy. therefore i decided to do my part and buy buy buy (i can already foresee nat chanting aloud UNFAIR UNFAIR XD) but yeah...we even went to GIANT...i repeat...GIANT and bot rm200 worth of goodies. yessss!!

i had an intense urge to be...paula tsui. i was thinking i could wear this to ah yeh's weddng but...HEY!! MY BDAY COMING! ok so i'll go sumwhere nice just because i wanna wear this dress. yay!!

omg i love this. cos it's messy and ugly. but i like it so...BITE ME. it's heavy too. i'm gonna train up my neck muscles and be michael phelps.

i also had an intense urge to be ugly...and indian-y cos ive been listening a lot to russell peters. i'm also beginning to stereotype. SUKA!!!

tell me they're nice okay?




i hate doing this but i really gotta tell this to anyone who decides to be nice to little pei xzan cos...

i need to find these 2 books. and if u can find it u can buy it for my bday (linda teach wan ok)instead of getting me sum other expensive makeup or bags or ponies or...any other things. i found it in mph and now it's gone. sum1 stole it...and i'm pretty sure it's not a surprise secret present for me cos...besides natnat no1 knows. *bawls*



it's a bimbo book but then it's funny and about sexy rich vampires so nothing beats it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE. terima kaseee.

oh mien it's sunday. stress.

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