Thursday, November 27, 2008

the MIAness

i guess i haven't been this inactive in blogging ever since i started the hassle to jot down all my memory before it dissolves into a sorta excrement then passed out and flushed off.

but besides my hectic working life that's been so overwhelming it practically took over...the other parts of my other life as well, i finally fell ill as wished previously just so that i need not get to work. and this time, it's big.

when i mean big, it's big.

this big.


sumhow my palm and foot resembles. cute!

i haven't really been feeling very well for the past week. i was completely flushed a blusher wasn't necessary for my party and then all of a sudden i was cold even when bundled up myself like a swiss-roll with a freaking thick quilt namely used by tom hanks in polar express later that night. and as an evidence to my above mentioned statement your honor, i present to you a picture taken during the party, before the catastrophe hit.

see or not? muka merah mcm buntut monyet, tangan kanan pun merah padam and the heat even triggered an eruption of a tiny acne on my casualties recorded.

then i sumhow felt very much better on saturday cos i knew we were all finally heading to jogoya for our long awaited treat. and despite random comments from you you you and you that the food is no longer as good...ok i agree the food isn't as good but was njoyable. peace. XD

i even stuffed myself with ice cream cake. BASKIN ROBBINS FYI. jgn jeres.


this is why we need blogs because i don't remember what happened on sunday. to all you asses out there that doubt the reason of us taking every single picture of our every outing: i'll reread this 10 years later and question what happened on the 21st november at 10.47pm and u'll ternganga mcm orang bodoh. HAH!


then on monday i wasn't well for work. i had to consult the doctor, i got sum antibiotics, took 1 and thought i'd crash and awaken for dinner feeling better.


i couldn't sleep. i never slept until the entire hellboy 2 finished to only sleep for a moment. woke up and it deteriorated. had dinner, puked all out.

went to all clinics around town and they were closed. even if they were opened they had no docs on standby.


nxt time if you need a doc, head straight for KJMC or KPJ. don't waste time driving around wasting petrol okay. promise. HEW IF YOU'RE READING THIS, DUN PUT 24 HOUR SIGN AND THEN GO HOME AND TIDO MIDO! SUE U THEN U KNOW!

the doc tot i was preggers at first cause my i was vomitting and had no fever. *points middle finger*. i said NO, extending the size of my eyes to the fullest, he knew i wasn't joking and took gave me sum med. returned home, popped them and slept only to wake up 2 hours later vomitting more. damn.

dad drove back and had me admitted. and the worst is to see seconds ticking and u can't fucking sleep. seriously, to those who pray to fall ill just so u don't have to go to work (i know u're out there, i can name a few now)...DON'T!!!!

anyway, i'm still like a worn out sock. it took me a day later to realize it's lynnie's bday and my promise to dedicate a blog post to her failed lke the medication prescribed to me before. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BABE!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!

but not too bad kan...i had SKII drips.

i'm woozy.

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