Sunday, November 16, 2008

Epic Fail

my obligation to blog during the weekend failed like the government and local weather forecast system.

i spent the night looking at the slides and cursing even more, ended up watching Jan Lamb's talk show that made my day and then ruined everything again when i decided that i wanted to complete it so that i can njoy my sunday.

double fail.

i couldn't even join the peeps for lat thong cos i slept uber late. did nothing. woke up in the afternoon, SOS-ed for help and currently, i've pulled extra people into the sinking ship jeopardizing the last bits of their sunday.


and i still dunno what i wan and how to celebrate my bday so if u're contemplatng to ask, i shall say...let's mamak. cos redbox plus is to mahiao. and all i wan for bday is a brand new job. good job to last me for a while. *puppy eyed*

i shall watch more Jan Lamb while waiting.

have a great week ahead everyone! -.-

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