Thursday, November 13, 2008


That's something my boss does...she adds a BOTH OF US at the back which in actual fact, its just for herself cos i have all my need-to-do written down. sheesh!

albeit having this obnoxious pain on my left shoulder/neck, i'm gonna blog about happenings through the past...MIAness. yeah it's totally off track but...fuck with datelines la i've had enuff in the office so i'm gonna take my own sweet time in reminiscing the below during the weekends.

1) kampachi (so late might as well just forget about it but then NO! it's a day to remember cos it's monkey's first time)
2) decanter
3) le meridean
4) hpv

but i've to mention this cos i'm so excited i wanted to record her face down.
like i've mentioned before, i'm just gonna rehighlite that i have this terribly mordant, irritating and could as well be nominated for the worst dresser of the century after bjork's swan who goes ringing into everyone's ears flashing how cute her little daughter is and occasionally yelling thoughtlessly when she's screwed up her own work. fine day, they forced me to drive to this meeting and the following conversation took place...(shortened)

Situation 1:
'we're running late!!! you've gotta go at full speed!'
*enters NO ENTRY lane in the car park just to safe time or else i'd have to go 1 fucking huge round. ironically...never happened before, a huge old volvo drove in*
''s drivers like you that causes...' (she nvr completed her sentence just so she wouldn't jinx herself i supposed...
*px fumes*
'do you wanna reach in time or not?'

Situation 2:
'oh you had a dog?! my mom had a dog too. i'm not really a dog person but then we kept him well and my mom loved him so much. and one day he decided to just run away and not return and my mom was devastated'
'aww...poor thing...yeah i had one...just died though. she ran to us. jumped into my dad's car while he was in town.'
'u mean u kidnapped ppl's dog?!?!'
'-.-...nooo. it was in a really bad shape...chunks of fur gone...thin to her bones and my dad felt the bond so we took her in'
'yaaa...but still...omigosh now i know where Scott ended up...u dog napper!'
*px fumes agaim*
'unless Scott is i don't think i am one.'

moral of the story is, don't ever...EVER mess with anything related to my dog.
i sting.
and i dun mind doing it again if i am edged in the future.

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