Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of Eggs and Comfort Food

I was told that you can't break an egg if you squeeze it with your hand.
Googled for answers. Can't confirm that it's a scientifically proven fact but I tried it this afternoon and...


Someone prove me wrong.
You can be skeptical but yeah go try and tell me about it.

So since I couldn't break it, I smashed it on the wall and made a cake out of it.

Guiness Chocolate Cake
I have to admit that I totally dislike Nigella Lawson for her disgustingly imbalanced recipes (4 pieces of bread with thick spread of cream cheese and splashes of home-made ultra sweet jam for SNACKS), jarring use of 'sensual' language and close-up panning to her side 'seductive' random stares...-.-

WTF. (Would be nice to tune in for a few chuckles or if you're a guy and running outta porn then you know what to do -.-).

But then Babi showed me this recipe a few weeks back and I thought I'd make for Father's Day but then little one was hospitalized last week so everything went down the drain.

Decided to make it today.

Alone. Mommy not in. Nigella Lawson recipe. *let me hear u sigh*
If you did click on the link above, check out the amount of cream cheese she used. *barfs*
But oh well, I always contradict myself so...

Of course the batter was supposed to make like a whole cake but then it's so darn bad shape I'm not posting it up. Doesn't taste too good either. I blame...the recipe.

Ok la I just suck in baking can?! Shush! Oh and not only that, it gave me a reaaaaally cool scar.

Burnt my hand on the edge of the oven.
Cool! Semaciam Harry Potpot.

Oh yes and we were also talking about comfort food.
And if you read my previous posts, you should know that Peanutxz = Food.
I had trouble figuring what my comfort food was. O.o



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hong Kong Day 4

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Far, Regina Spektor

Hong Kong: Day 4

Not glad to leave Disneyland.
Not glad that it was the last night.
Glad that the day happened cause it cause it was fun-filled with bursting fond memories.

Daddy said the night before, "Sleep early okay. Get into the park earlier the next morning so we can see more."


I woke up an hour late. Got in there by noon. -.-".
I know. My fault. Bed too comfy can?

Did not know that there were more beyond what we could see from our room.
Thank god we were slightly curious.

Mommy behind. Couldn't wait to rush back into the hotel cause it was...HOT.

See the umbrella there? Cost me HKD75 on a rainy day.
Read further for it's despairing fate. *sniff*

But before that...

Cantik sial.

Moral of the story is, walk every freaking where till your legs give way. If you can still afford it, drag yourself until you need to be towed away. You won't know what's out there.

A few families were picnic-ing on the grass. O.o

No idea what car this is but there were a fleet of them on the street. Nice.

See the dark clouds there?

Rushed over to the park and reached there in time for lunch.

He managed to pose, smile and play a Bach on that thing. WTF. <3

The band. They played the Pocahantas theme and had choreographed movements.

I'd be proud if my Dad were one of them. HAH

Venue: Plaza Inn (Directly opposite Corner Cafe on Main Street USA)
Price: About HKD350

Seriously, can eat hay.

This was before the crowd came.

When we were done, the queue was as though the Tesco sale was on.

The inside. It's like a very posh Dim Sim restaurant.

Inspired by Mulan I read. But the waitresses wore...something that resembled Snow White's dress. Hmm...Ok I can't be that blind right...but...yeah...

Lanterns. Mommy tried to snap every time the colours changed. excited.

Beef Brisket noodles, Wanton Noodles, Dim Sum, Mixed Char Siew and Siu Yuk.


Nice young...dunno lady or guy snapped this. Wanted the Enchanting Castle la dunno what the heck she snapped.

So I told Mommy to do it again.
With the nice 7-eleven Mary Poppins umbrella.

I'm pretty sure many thought we were from Mainland China.
But you think I give a fuck? Damn nice hokay?!

It's the Snow White and 7 Dwarfs fountain at the back. Too far. Too fat. Covered.

Then we saw the Carousel...the horses dazzled from a few hundred feet away.

See my gembira face? I wasn't the most gembira. I didn't initiate to ride.

Daddy did!
So being the obliging kid, I did as requested.

Ok shush I wanted to go on it as well. ><

He had a handsome pony. XD

So the story of the Umbrella ended when...
Mommy was snapping a picture of us on the Merry-Go-Round when...a dirt-low worthless bastard decided to...conveniently take it away when she was occupied.

Of course the mother went frantic. Walked around for a bit searching high and low till I said...

"Nevermind la. So cheap. Buy another one if it rains la".
In my mind, "Niaseng damn heartache".

Went for another round of the Mickey 4D show, laughed as loud as the first round and then left for the city.

This was on the way out.
Smells like coffee the ink they used. Did not clarify if it is...anyone can tell?

Wah...missing it a lot.

Took the bus out back to the same hotel. Different room. Better room.

There see...told you quite big. Can see empty parts of the floor. WOOT!

I was pretty stressed. Sunny was busy barbeque-ing with his friends in Sai Kung. It was too early for AngAng to come out too meet me so I was on my own, leading the parents to the places I'd like them to go.

Really. Stress.

So headed off about 3+pm, led them to the MTR station, bought them tickets and crossed over to Hong Kong.

Stopped at Wan Chai. Thought we'd hike up to Central like how it was done 5 years back bad. They're parents. Not siblings. So back to the MTR after a short high-end window shopping to the next stop.

Took them a while to spot the Themis. It always appears blady huge in TVB series. Who'd have guessed it's that kecikmiao up there.

Managed to explain several buildings and landmarks that bordered the area. Proud sial.

Continued walking to Central...all depending on previous memories. Damn dangerous because...I don't recall having a memory.

But we made it. Proud sial number 2.

Had to take a picture here. Because 5 years back, I was here too...only a few steps higher at the building to the left.

Ah yes here. I know I'm ugly shaddap.

This building...brings back random memories of the moments after SPM.

Walked up the streets, giving more details of the buildings around I sometimes wonder why I never considered being a HK tour guide.

Got slightly excited when we reached SOHO because I love the escalators.
Reminds me of Lavender.

He's an artist. Don't ask why he fell in love with this street.

Sometimes, stress does not come when they ask too much.
The height of it comes when they trust you entirely that you know where you're going. Honestly, with my Goldfish memory, it's a miracle we reached the island.

Thank god for policemen. *salute*

Went to HnM for some shopping. Got a glads sandals and bag for...dunno la damn cheap. Then continued walking. Bought cookies too. Loads of cookies.

Quote Anas Zubedy: You Are What You See.

I am fat because I see food.
I remember this particular Wanton Noodle shop that I vowed to bring them to.

Because...Carina Lau goes occasionally. HAH

Venue: 麥奀記 (Mak Ngan Gay), Lan Kwai Fong
Price: Approximately HKD60+

Note: Remember to tell the really impatient uncles that you want noodles along with their wanton or beef or pork or whatever you're ordering.

Or else it will come...with soup, ingredients and...cutleries. No noodles.
Got nicely lectured. HEH. Wanna know what he said ask me when you see me la k. Damn funny.

Noodles were yum. Really yum. So yum there wasn't any left in the end. All sucked dry. <3
Strolled along the streets until it was dark waiting for AngAng, because dinner at Yung Gay was supposed to be at 8.

It was 6.30pm. Went into an organic shop for tea.
Yeah. Food = Peanutxz.

Venue: Don't remember the name. 2 shops away from Cotton On, opposite Yung Gay.
Price: Don't remember. Quite reasonable I guess?

The parents continued drinking while I went on to meet the bitch for some light shopping before dinner. Never knew I missed her so much until I hugged her.


We basically just walked the streets yakking and laughing. Went into HMV and out again and bumped into this beggar that had loads of plastic bags tied to her body. Like...EVERY.SINGLE.INCH.

I thought it was a pile of rubbish. Until I went closer and old lady scrooged within.
Designers should be inspired. She looked pretty stylish I thought. No pictures. Not risking my life. She could shoot up and bite me.

But got this online.

Inspiring, ain't it?

8pm. Long awaited dinner arrived.

Venue: 鏞記 Yung Gay, Lan Kwai Fong
Price: HKD650

Eat dust. T.T

We made prior bookings because the place is usually packed. Yes it's an expensive restaurant...and yes, the locals are fucking rich.

I'm not rich. I just want my parents to prove me right. The Siu Ngor is fantabulous.

Oh-so-famous Siu Ngor that I have been talking about ever since my first visit 5 years back.

We had century egg (OMG MUST ORDER), vege, siu yuk, cha siew...and...ok don't remember.

The VIP section.

No idea why we were given a seat there. Most prolly cause AngAng looks like a hot rich tai tai.

Le sigh. How I miss her.

Left and walked around LKF because it was finally dark and the nightlife began.
Saw Dragon-I and many other posh bars that we were supposed to visit but lack time. Never mind. Next round. Compulsory task.

Journey back to TST seemed really short.
Angang was supposed to drop us off and she head on home but we weren't done so she accompanied us to the Avenue of Stars. AWWWWW

Parents were dead tired but insisted that they at least have a look at the island at night, try to make them fall for it and...hopefully return ASAP.

My plan was a huge success. *curtsies*

Did my tour guide job...did some geographical description...enjoyed the breeze and hunted the ice-cream van down.

Freaking lucky. It was there!!!

Gembiranye Jin Ang ni. Heart this pic.

Hate the texture.
But love the feeling of buying it.

The irony.

Saw her off at the she took the bus home HEH.
Strolled back to the hotel with the parents and dried my sweat with the floor carpet cause we did not lose our ways and end up in New Territories. =.=|||

Darn proud number 3.
Supper, packed...slept.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...Already

This year's Father's Day was practically...not celebrated.

Everyone was too occupied by the little one.
No time for anything else.

She's all fine now *sprawled on ground thank you god*. Jumping around and occasionally stomping her feet to random songs on TV with a pretty pale face. O.o...please recover soon.


To the Daddy,
-Karate Kid definitely does not commensurate with the love that we have for you.
-The mid-afternoon half awake 'Happy Father's Day' wish that I mumbled does not mean that we do not cherish all that you've done for us and...
-The yummy wantan mee dinner that you had with Mommy without us is not a sign that we have forgotten you.

We just wanted you to have a*we couldn't get rid of Mommy*
Because for the past 20+ years, we know it's been pretty tough for you, living with so many ladies.

But, we still love you.
A lot. Nono...
A whole lot.

Calls for a post-celebration...agreed?
South Sea for Sri Lankan crabs perhaps?


Saturday, June 19, 2010

And You Thought You Knew...

Picture this:

1) You accidentally slice the tip of your finger with a Kai Knife and salt water/lemon juice splashes on it
2) You're running on the street and your foot lands on a long nail that stabs right through your metatarsus
3) You just had a massive breakup with your partner of like...500 years

Think that hurts? 18 June 2010 just told me that those experiences are peanuts.


All those tears and needle pricking and heat.
Swear you'd ask for an exchange of positions with the little one. At least an adult can speak.

Cute thing long as she doesn't see her left hand with that drip attached, she'll be fine. -.-"
"OKOK...cover with hanky." *stops crying* :S

And she's my niece. Imagine her parents.

So to all you out there reading and thinking of having a kid just cause you're at the age SHOULD have a kid, facepalm yourself till you're awake and think thrice. Only have these cute little things when you're all ready.

NOT BECAUSE "Oh you're 28 d...time to have a kid!"
Double facepalm.

Haijor such an auntie post.
But seriously...damn sedey-fying can? Hmph...

Everyone please pray she can be discharged ASAP.
Thank yous.

On a brighter note, fever's gone. Stay that way please. Ulcers are gone too. *wipes sweat*

Inspired by Peter Alexander.
High waisted harem + Shawl summore. So vintage.

Oh and...the house is turning into a bird park.

Looks like a Quail's...takder penyu...bagi replacement. Ok jugak.

Everyone stock up on the vitamins!
Stay healthy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I will not do a proper post until you've given me all the pictures.
Including my graduation.

Yes I'm cheapskate liddat, I can never grow tired from nagging for the things that I WANT! still deserve a little wish...for always BEING THERE and for BEING ALL EARS to my senseless babblings.

And since you've got all the love that you need, let's all wish and pray that we will always be able to sit together and have the longest empty talks...EVER, no matter where we are, and may you be swarmed with even more love and brilliance that will eventually take you...

THERE (you know where you wan la).

Saang Yat Faai Lok.

Don't you just love me?

Happy Comot Birthday.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hong Kong Day 3

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So I've heard a lot about Disneyland.
Grew up watching Disney movies and am heavily influenced therefore I still believe in Happily Ever After.

Most people that I've encountered and learnt that the trip included Disney went...'Yer why go Disneyland?! So small!'

Oh well...I've not been to any other Disneylands before. I've got no expectations and hence, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

No seriously, I think I texted Nat and said that stepping into Disneyland is more gan jeong compared to recording in the studio. HA!!! Suka!!

OH OH and we had the privilege to bunk in Hollywood Hotel!
Checked in at approximately 11am and the Disney Bus ushered us into the realm of fantasy.


Oh and being in HK unleashes the tendency in me to dress funky so... ><

My jaw was aching from all the smiles from the first step set in onwards.
I know la I jakun never been to other Disneylands before so to me this is damn bootifoo hokay?!

So I snapped this picture and thought I would be space jammed into fairytale land.

MEH!!! Had to walk for another 20-minutes or so.


Many entrances. But it was cool. They had Disney themesongs playing ALL THE WAY!

And they were in English. *wipes sweat*

2nd entrance.

Not a public holiday. Crowd was bearable.
Mainland people were under control. Thank god.

Daddy and I had multiple WAHHHHs d at this point.
That was how amazed we were.

Main Street USA.

I think you get this street in all Disneylands. Very classic.
Oh and despite being famished, I insisted to go into this Main Street Sweets thingy because I thought it would be something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inside.


And these...

Mechanical candies.

Since I promised to pay for the meals, I had the authority to just walk into any restaurant that I fancied and the parents will be left with no choice but to just go...'Ok lor'.


Come home eat hay. *lower lips tremble*

Venue: Corner Cafe
Price: About HKD370

Generous portions. Tasted REALLY good.

If you're heading there, please get the seats outside.
It's air-conditioned and you get to see all the hype going on outside...which is quite a scene.

Some cheese-baked rice and grilled chicken.
Dessert was mango+black glutinous rice & cheesecake.

In comparison, Kim Gary sucks big time.

Food Court about 5 minutes away.

They sold burgers for HKD10 each. *lower lips trembling more*

Oh and yes, grab all flyers and maps that you see.
The more the better because somehow, they'll go missing.

We were practically NOT in the park yet.
The journey only begins after the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Parade begins at 3. We had time to kill.

So cantik. Me. XD

Would be nice if they really built a path up the castle. But kids might start jumping out, anticipating their Prince Charming or Superhero to save them so...better not.



Oh yes, I brought my sohai-ness to HK.
Forced Daddy to snap this. When I turned back, a huge group of Mainland people were staring.

Go for every show that you can.
Cause the place is really not very big and there aren't many shows available.

We went for a 4D show. TWICE.

And then this Lion King Show.

I swear the ring smelt of animals.
Animal poo to be exact. But no animals were harmed for the show.

Super entertaining. And it's not pre-recorded.


The Tarzan boat ride was under construction. So we chose a spot and waited for the parade to begin.

My spot.

You get little princesses everywhere!
All colours. All styles.

Little Belles and Cinderellas.

Little Xiao Hua.

Random shots of the parade.



I wonder what they use to remove their makeup daily.
They must be green by nature.

Took the indoor rollercoaster by myself.
All dark. Very fast. Nearly fainted.

Sorry. The bend was really steep.

Met 3 random locals.
They had no idea I wasn't local until I told them so. Don't really like doing so because I'd get random questions like, "You're not local?! Why are you so fair?!" or..."How come you speak Cantonese?!"

They don't get that...We.Is.Chinese.Too. *facepalms*

Next stop, Small World.
Basically a miniature version of the globe.


This is just the outside of course. We had to take a little sampan that travels into something like a cave which led us to something more colourful than our dreams.


The It's a Small World song kept looping throughout the whole journey.
In different themes ie Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian...

Now these...really reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Minus the chocolate river.

Daddy was so gungho we went in twice. Back to back.
Because he said...'First time spent to much time taking photos to show Che. Go again this time must pay attention'.


Left the mini world and hung around until fireworks at 8pm.

View at dusk.
Dark clouds loomed. SO SCARED.

But all was good.
Fireworks were jaw-dropping.

Left for the hotel at...around 9pm.

Hollywood Hotel

2 Queen sized beds.

Turkey leg dinner.
HKD20 per piece. Took me about an hour to reach its bones.

I was wearing the wrong t-shirt. -.-"

They had a mass variety of Disney shows on.
Including a bedtime Disney story narrating. Only until 11pm.

So as I climbed into my warm sheets, I heard '...and they lived happily ever after'.


Another half a Disney journey to go. Wah this is quite tiring.
And I'm so proud of my hardworking self. Peace.