Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wedding, Foam & The Weekend

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So I disappeared for a week.
Courtesy of the flu bug. Still partially here but to hell with you I'm resuming my normal life.

Peanut's believe...try acting fine. Lie to yourself. Your system. Instead of frowning. You might feel better.
Last week was total epic fail.

Left work slightly early, F1-ed to Lynnie's house, changed and we set out together to a god-forsaken place called Selayang Palace.

God-forsaken. So we thought.

Took us almost 2 hours to get there. *shakes head*

Garmin failed me yet again. The map given by the restaurant was trash. Attempts to ask locals were...futile as they only spoke Chinese (and we have no idea what Selayang Palace is in Cinapek) so all I got was (loosely translated): 'Hah, here no palace wor. Got hospital and shopping mall la'.


So anyone who's heading there in the near future, just head to Pusat Bandar Selayang, search for the hospital, go slightly forward and turn left at a tiny little junction that leads you to a dodgy King Coil building. Restaurant's at the back. (If you miss, takper. Go all the way to the traffic, light, go thru the horrendous jam, U-turn, go all the way back to god-knows-where, then U-turn again, and take the same road. Good luck).

The Oh-So-Youngs

No four-season bullshit.
Scallops, full force. We had 2 of this because we switched tables. Awesome.

And they served Abalone too. -.-"

Roomie. Wo hen xiang ni.

Bao Yue.
And no I didn't mean this piece...earlier on.

She's a prove miracles do happen.
Bitch. *jealous mode*


Fell sick right away hence went missing.
All's worth it for the food.



After staying away for approximately 2 weeks from Pyramid, I had my dose of Juice Works today.

Beetroot juice without ice is as gross as you think it is. Had fun seeping the fibre outta it and sucked it right down to its foam. Then got me wondering...

You know how annoying the sound is when one is sucking foam outta the narrow straw. And have you wondered what foam is? Foam is basically a substance of trapped bubbles isn't it? So sucking foam is basically sucking air. Means sucking nothing.

Ironically, sucking nothing always creates a non-harmonious, disturbing sound.

And just got me certain dense people are like...foam.

The emptier they are, the louder they become, blabbing their lives away for no particular reason. And worst of all, they're always floating on the surface. Found everywhere, never willing to sink.

And always the leftovers too.


Don't be foam la can? Bising la.

Ok just a random PMS thought.

Need to blog about Hong Kong Day 3 FAST! Work hampering in, memory fading out.

Oh and the weekend was Fantabulous. Because I saw my love of entah-how-many-years.


Sorry Ah Kot.
Linda shall blog about you.




  1. nice posting ..... n is tat lum hoi fung ( or someone from hk )at genting at ur last pic ?

  2. Hey! Yeah that's him, went for the talk show. Did you? :)