Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day...Already

This year's Father's Day was practically...not celebrated.

Everyone was too occupied by the little one.
No time for anything else.

She's all fine now *sprawled on ground thank you god*. Jumping around and occasionally stomping her feet to random songs on TV with a pretty pale face. O.o...please recover soon.


To the Daddy,
-Karate Kid definitely does not commensurate with the love that we have for you.
-The mid-afternoon half awake 'Happy Father's Day' wish that I mumbled does not mean that we do not cherish all that you've done for us and...
-The yummy wantan mee dinner that you had with Mommy without us is not a sign that we have forgotten you.

We just wanted you to have a*we couldn't get rid of Mommy*
Because for the past 20+ years, we know it's been pretty tough for you, living with so many ladies.

But, we still love you.
A lot. Nono...
A whole lot.

Calls for a post-celebration...agreed?
South Sea for Sri Lankan crabs perhaps?


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