Friday, June 11, 2010

When Antibiotics Fail & Chinese Meds Recipe

So I fell ill again on Wednesday while attending training.


Borderline BP reading.


I'm usually paranoid that I might be suffering from the deadliest diseases ever. BP reading was high a year plus back, have been keeping it under controlled and seeing it fluctuate once again...does make white hair sprout.

It doesn't help when the doctor wasn't friendly, was throwing jargons at me and...the bill was a bomb.

*after waiting for 40mins in the fucking cold A&E section*
Doctor: Sit down. Close the door. So what do we have here?
Me: I'm cold. REALLY COLD. A little soar throat...have been coughing *and I blurted out my flu history to her including how I had pre-hypertension when I was in Advertising*
Doctor: Open your mouth. *shines torch*. Hmm. Throat's really red. Need to monitor your cough. Come back next week. Might be bronchitis.
Me: HAH?!?!? *got cut off*
Doctor: But your lungs are clear. Just in case.
Me: Oh. -.-". And my BP?
Doctor: You're worried? Yeah I'm concerned too. Usually cough and the lack of sleep might trigger. I want you to come back on Friday. Wanna keep it monitored. Ok you can collect your medicine outside.
Me: -.-""". Ok. Thanks.

Wanted to ask more but...wadafak la no need don't like you auntie.

*At the counter*
Me: How much ar?
Nurse: HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN, please. :)
Me: HAH?!?!? HOW MUCH!?!?!?
Nurse: O.o...hundred and thirteen. :)
Me: HAH?!?!?! I don't have so much cash la. Card la can?
Nurse: Oh sure sure can. :)
Me: *thinks to self* Cibai so damn mahiao still wanna smile liddat. *facepalms*

So there...completed course.
Never turned up for the check today. Giving myself a few days. Sleeping early. Taking my oats like a good child. And hopefully it stabilizes.

:(. Now someone gimme a hug.

Speaking of medications, was pampering myself to...erm...a little shopping this evening after work. Walked past Koong Woh Tong and decided to get a shot of the herbal tea to detox.

You know, those black shit that smells and shit too? -.-"

So I think this is what happens before one actually consumes the bowl of crap.

Pick your herbs. Usually depends on your sickness.
Either your body masuk angin, your bones masuk air or your qi lari and mixed with fire.
So sinse will choose random roots and leaves and seeds and taruh all into a pot.

Pour in 5 cups of water.

Must use traditional ugly pots liddat if not magic won't work.
Pour in the water. Medium fire, boil till water evaporates and fills a bowl. Must be a bowl. Kenot be more magic won't work oso. Size of bowl...the book never interpret. Only mentioned A BOWL.

The medication is ready to be consumed when:
1) The neighbours call bomba
2) The neighbouring country thinks Dengue rate is so high the whole country got fogged (yes, that's how much the med stinks)
3) Open up the lid and check out the colour of the crap. Don't see a thing? All black? Ok can. Pour into a bowl.

Pinch ur nose.
Close your eyes.

Most probably, you'd end up like this.

But apparently it works.
And it costs...RM1.30.

Like...a million times lower than SunMed.
Or is it more than a million?

Ok shit sleep.
1am d.

*lower lips tremble*


  1. aiyor....don't stay up so late if sick until liddat more & get well soon ar....*hugsss*

  2. *hugs*

    Get well soon, Peanut!

  3. pauly- fankew love. how ish u doings?

    munkie- u tanak jumpa saya ke?!?!? hahhhhh. picnic is still there. LOLOL i'm gonna blog about it.

  4. i agree with pauly... bouderline bp but still up at 1am... bozopots!

  5. welcome ^^
    i ok only la...wanna go back for good la...