Saturday, June 26, 2010

Of Eggs and Comfort Food

I was told that you can't break an egg if you squeeze it with your hand.
Googled for answers. Can't confirm that it's a scientifically proven fact but I tried it this afternoon and...


Someone prove me wrong.
You can be skeptical but yeah go try and tell me about it.

So since I couldn't break it, I smashed it on the wall and made a cake out of it.

Guiness Chocolate Cake
I have to admit that I totally dislike Nigella Lawson for her disgustingly imbalanced recipes (4 pieces of bread with thick spread of cream cheese and splashes of home-made ultra sweet jam for SNACKS), jarring use of 'sensual' language and close-up panning to her side 'seductive' random stares...-.-

WTF. (Would be nice to tune in for a few chuckles or if you're a guy and running outta porn then you know what to do -.-).

But then Babi showed me this recipe a few weeks back and I thought I'd make for Father's Day but then little one was hospitalized last week so everything went down the drain.

Decided to make it today.

Alone. Mommy not in. Nigella Lawson recipe. *let me hear u sigh*
If you did click on the link above, check out the amount of cream cheese she used. *barfs*
But oh well, I always contradict myself so...

Of course the batter was supposed to make like a whole cake but then it's so darn bad shape I'm not posting it up. Doesn't taste too good either. I blame...the recipe.

Ok la I just suck in baking can?! Shush! Oh and not only that, it gave me a reaaaaally cool scar.

Burnt my hand on the edge of the oven.
Cool! Semaciam Harry Potpot.

Oh yes and we were also talking about comfort food.
And if you read my previous posts, you should know that Peanutxz = Food.
I had trouble figuring what my comfort food was. O.o




  1. oh good grief your comfort food is so not appetizing laaa. Looks like some humpty dumpty committed suicide on a bed of baked beans with...what? biscuits??

    there goes my breakfast mood..

  2. omggg so funny la! so i shud b naming my comfort food "the death of humpty dumpty"? ROFL! it's baked beans, egg and 'soh da beng'. LOVESSS!!!

    eh go try the egg thing.

  3. I almost didn't recognise what was in your comfort food -_-" My comfort food is ice cream nom nom nom! The cream kind ar, not the popsicle brainfreeze kind :P

  4. It does look gross, doesn't it? My mom saw and asked what rubbish I was eating. LOL
    OoOoOoo I had Lecka Lecka the other day after Marmalade. U WEREN'T THERE!!! T.T

    AH! 'Gajah Saya' then convoy to Ben Tan's house?

  5. luckily i have taken my lunch. ur confort food looks.... seriously.. yiaks~ kakakaakakka

  6. try putting dem together. DAMN YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. baked beans?????? sure kentut banyak rofl

    and why got soh da beng? omg i miss my milo+soh da beng

  8. yeah still kentut-ing. SYOK!!! tmi WAHAHAHA

    oh soh da beng in anything is awesome!! tried soh da beng in maggi mee? AWESOMESAUCEEE!!!