Friday, June 18, 2010


I will not do a proper post until you've given me all the pictures.
Including my graduation.

Yes I'm cheapskate liddat, I can never grow tired from nagging for the things that I WANT! still deserve a little wish...for always BEING THERE and for BEING ALL EARS to my senseless babblings.

And since you've got all the love that you need, let's all wish and pray that we will always be able to sit together and have the longest empty talks...EVER, no matter where we are, and may you be swarmed with even more love and brilliance that will eventually take you...

THERE (you know where you wan la).

Saang Yat Faai Lok.

Don't you just love me?

Happy Comot Birthday.


  1. is that a cupcake that you are holding on your nose? must be for comot ha... :)

  2. that is comot!! lol it's one of the cupcakes that i bot for her and i stole that pic from her album rofl!