Saturday, June 19, 2010

And You Thought You Knew...

Picture this:

1) You accidentally slice the tip of your finger with a Kai Knife and salt water/lemon juice splashes on it
2) You're running on the street and your foot lands on a long nail that stabs right through your metatarsus
3) You just had a massive breakup with your partner of like...500 years

Think that hurts? 18 June 2010 just told me that those experiences are peanuts.


All those tears and needle pricking and heat.
Swear you'd ask for an exchange of positions with the little one. At least an adult can speak.

Cute thing long as she doesn't see her left hand with that drip attached, she'll be fine. -.-"
"OKOK...cover with hanky." *stops crying* :S

And she's my niece. Imagine her parents.

So to all you out there reading and thinking of having a kid just cause you're at the age SHOULD have a kid, facepalm yourself till you're awake and think thrice. Only have these cute little things when you're all ready.

NOT BECAUSE "Oh you're 28 d...time to have a kid!"
Double facepalm.

Haijor such an auntie post.
But seriously...damn sedey-fying can? Hmph...

Everyone please pray she can be discharged ASAP.
Thank yous.

On a brighter note, fever's gone. Stay that way please. Ulcers are gone too. *wipes sweat*

Inspired by Peter Alexander.
High waisted harem + Shawl summore. So vintage.

Oh and...the house is turning into a bird park.

Looks like a Quail's...takder penyu...bagi replacement. Ok jugak.

Everyone stock up on the vitamins!
Stay healthy!!!


  1. Hope that she will get well soon!! :D

  2. i truly understand your feelings. when boo was admitted, i was so heartbroken. seeing her feeling so sick and you can't do anything to help's bad. when she wails because of the uneasiness, it's double the pain you feel.

    i really, really hope that anne anne can be discharged soon. take care.

  3. ooohhh....what happen to the cutypie??? hope nothing serious *puts hands together and prays*

    yeah....only those who are ready to have kids should have kids. cause these poor little things are innocent for the adults' fault

  4. Lindy- Thanks, girl. She's much better now. THANK GOD!

    Mich- Yeah...takes a while la I guess. Stress sial.

    Pauly- YA WEH! So u better dun suddenly tell me u gonna have a kid ar! LOLOLOL

    bila balik?

  5. don't worry la...before our financial is stable enough (i mean strong), we will not have kids.

    planning to balik in august. MISS MEEE??! XD