Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Peanut Reviews

The movies that I've watched lately aren' good.

I wanted to watch Shrek but Linda said it's lame and pretty bad and she basically told me the whole story while we were strolling over from Nike to GSC a couple weeks back so...yeah.

Wanted Karate Kid cos it's Jaden Smith but apparently there's nothing else better to watch hence all tickets went out.

Wanted A-Team but it wasn't out yet then therefore we settled for Bounty Hunter and Robin Hood.

Worst decision ever made.

Ok so we didn't really buy tickets for both the F-Grade movies.
We settled for Bounty Hunter initially because I wasn't really fond of Russell Crowe and...there wasn't anything else to watch so...with spirits really low, Bounty Hunter was it.

Review: Walked outta the cinema

10-minutes into the movie I was paying more attention to the sushi that I tapao-ed in.
Don't even buy DVD ok? Promise. Just watch random clips from youtube you'd know the whole story. Oh nono...just look at the bloody poster you know how it starts and ends. -.-"

I know I know I was stupid to even choose it choice can? Le sigh

Then we walked outta the cinema...back into the lounge area and decided to...check out the other cinemas. Prince of Persia was already 1/2way running...the rest were full.

Ok fine. Robin Hood then.
Second row from the front.

Review: -.-"

If you did watch Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves by Kevin Costner, you'd prolly understand why I said the movie sucked.

Ok wait're right why should we be sulking and comparing to the old ones. Why can't we move on and accept new ideas. It's Ridley Scott for crying out loud!

Always having his own elements ey? Oh yeah and the action was cool? Sorry I'm not you...just lemme beeeee

Russell Crowe is just too old to be in a...pre-Loxley era.

Cate Blanchett was fierce though. Loves.


And finally...something good.

Review: *GRINS*

Oh well alright I admit.
I'm biased. I've been a Gyllenhaal fan ever since he looked like...

I wanted to name my son Jake and I could memorize lines from the movie I'm pretty sure Babi wanted to slap the fuck outta me.

'I have to get to Niagara Falls by Saturday to stop Chloe from getting married' ~ Jimmy Livingston, Bubble Boy.


And yes I watched almost all his movies including the 'cool' Donnie Darko and not so cool Breakyourback Mountain. And all the other indie ones that I shall not name. See here ---> JAKE GYLLENHAAL

It took me a while to get used to his new self. I played the game but no, just forget about the fact it was adapted. I think the critics overrated it but the graphics were pretty fine (hell, like I know fucks about graphics) and the storyline wasn't totally predictable.

And best of all, we all did something in common.

We love ostriches.

Hello Monday.


  1. lol wow a movie marathon. glad u found a good movie in the end. did not enjoy prince of persia that much though for me. preferred the video game

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. The guy looks like he's smelling your tushie! hehe

  3. Lukey- Oh yeah wouldn't be too extraordinary for a game fan. Movie's pretty simple. Thanks for dropping by! ;)

    Lynnie- Now that you mention, YA WEI! LOL

  4. watched PoP recently.. liked it =)

  5. i wished you had written this earlier so i didnt need to go buy that dumbass Bounty Hunter dvd & waste time watching it. Some more, the almost last scene where they were gonna solve the case was totally cut off in the dvd. watevs, like i care at that point. hahahaha. Jennifer still looks hot though ;)

    and omg, that is so scawy sitting on the ostrich!! they is so big with such small heads

    and dayum, jake looks so hot in that bubble. hahhahahhaahhahaha, i think u shud download that line from the movie to use as ur ringtone

  6. ken- *high 5*!!!!!

    babi- WAHAHAHAH it doesnt really matter cos u kinda know how the movie will end. i'd really rather read my uni notes den to watch the movie la!!!

    oh yes u know when i'm on it, the blady neck wobbles from left to right it's DAMN FUCKEN GROSS!!!

    i have 'giftwrapped' in my phone! XD