Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hong Kong Day 3

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So I've heard a lot about Disneyland.
Grew up watching Disney movies and am heavily influenced therefore I still believe in Happily Ever After.

Most people that I've encountered and learnt that the trip included Disney went...'Yer why go Disneyland?! So small!'

Oh well...I've not been to any other Disneylands before. I've got no expectations and hence, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

No seriously, I think I texted Nat and said that stepping into Disneyland is more gan jeong compared to recording in the studio. HA!!! Suka!!

OH OH and we had the privilege to bunk in Hollywood Hotel!
Checked in at approximately 11am and the Disney Bus ushered us into the realm of fantasy.


Oh and being in HK unleashes the tendency in me to dress funky so... ><

My jaw was aching from all the smiles from the first step set in onwards.
I know la I jakun never been to other Disneylands before so to me this is damn bootifoo hokay?!

So I snapped this picture and thought I would be space jammed into fairytale land.

MEH!!! Had to walk for another 20-minutes or so.


Many entrances. But it was cool. They had Disney themesongs playing ALL THE WAY!

And they were in English. *wipes sweat*

2nd entrance.

Not a public holiday. Crowd was bearable.
Mainland people were under control. Thank god.

Daddy and I had multiple WAHHHHs d at this point.
That was how amazed we were.

Main Street USA.

I think you get this street in all Disneylands. Very classic.
Oh and despite being famished, I insisted to go into this Main Street Sweets thingy because I thought it would be something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inside.


And these...

Mechanical candies.

Since I promised to pay for the meals, I had the authority to just walk into any restaurant that I fancied and the parents will be left with no choice but to just go...'Ok lor'.


Come home eat hay. *lower lips tremble*

Venue: Corner Cafe
Price: About HKD370

Generous portions. Tasted REALLY good.

If you're heading there, please get the seats outside.
It's air-conditioned and you get to see all the hype going on outside...which is quite a scene.

Some cheese-baked rice and grilled chicken.
Dessert was mango+black glutinous rice & cheesecake.

In comparison, Kim Gary sucks big time.

Food Court about 5 minutes away.

They sold burgers for HKD10 each. *lower lips trembling more*

Oh and yes, grab all flyers and maps that you see.
The more the better because somehow, they'll go missing.

We were practically NOT in the park yet.
The journey only begins after the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Parade begins at 3. We had time to kill.

So cantik. Me. XD

Would be nice if they really built a path up the castle. But kids might start jumping out, anticipating their Prince Charming or Superhero to save them so...better not.


Tasted like...ice-kwim.

Oh yes, I brought my sohai-ness to HK.
Forced Daddy to snap this. When I turned back, a huge group of Mainland people were staring.

Go for every show that you can.
Cause the place is really not very big and there aren't many shows available.

We went for a 4D show. TWICE.

And then this Lion King Show.

I swear the ring smelt of animals.
Animal poo to be exact. But no animals were harmed for the show.

Super entertaining. And it's not pre-recorded.


The Tarzan boat ride was under construction. So we chose a spot and waited for the parade to begin.

My spot.

You get little princesses everywhere!
All colours. All styles.

Little Belles and Cinderellas.

Little Xiao Hua.

Random shots of the parade.



I wonder what they use to remove their makeup daily.
They must be green by nature.

Took the indoor rollercoaster by myself.
All dark. Very fast. Nearly fainted.

Sorry. The bend was really steep.

Met 3 random locals.
They had no idea I wasn't local until I told them so. Don't really like doing so because I'd get random questions like, "You're not local?! Why are you so fair?!" or..."How come you speak Cantonese?!"

They don't get that...We.Is.Chinese.Too. *facepalms*

Next stop, Small World.
Basically a miniature version of the globe.


This is just the outside of course. We had to take a little sampan that travels into something like a cave which led us to something more colourful than our dreams.


The It's a Small World song kept looping throughout the whole journey.
In different themes ie Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian...

Now these...really reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Minus the chocolate river.

Daddy was so gungho we went in twice. Back to back.
Because he said...'First time spent to much time taking photos to show Che. Go again this time must pay attention'.


Left the mini world and hung around until fireworks at 8pm.

View at dusk.
Dark clouds loomed. SO SCARED.

But all was good.
Fireworks were jaw-dropping.

Left for the hotel at...around 9pm.

Hollywood Hotel

2 Queen sized beds.

Turkey leg dinner.
HKD20 per piece. Took me about an hour to reach its bones.

I was wearing the wrong t-shirt. -.-"

They had a mass variety of Disney shows on.
Including a bedtime Disney story narrating. Only until 11pm.

So as I climbed into my warm sheets, I heard '...and they lived happily ever after'.


Another half a Disney journey to go. Wah this is quite tiring.
And I'm so proud of my hardworking self. Peace.


  1. only been to the disneyland in paris so far.. it's a fun place! =D

  2. Woot, I spotted Sots & me. Awesome. We are with you... wherever you go, mwahaha.

    I will follow you... wherever you may gooo...

  3. ai vanna go Disneyland! huhu so expensive wan Hong Kong, yau mou gau cho ah. Huhu

  4. my laling, at least you step your feet in to HK Disneyland. i ahev never been before neh (T.T)

    what ayou doing actually on the fence ar?? o.O

    and your mum looks like your sister standing next to you *waves at auntie*


  5. waa u r so lucky..i've never been there huhu but 1 day i will too ;)

  6. the super expensive chicken leg @ mikimiaoland was also super rough and dry..macam sandpaper

  7. did u watch lionking???! did u see the guy tossing d fire??