Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And there it goes again...

i was desperately waiting for last friday to come.
because i know there'll be a happy drinking session...
i know i'll b meeting my frens that i haven't met for like umteen years...and...
there'll be a long weekend where i can do watever i wan and FUCK THE OFFICE!

so friday came!! and it's now gone...sighhh

anyhoos, i had a really great time. though i dun c any pix up yet from either of the parties which means this post will contain only abcs. we started the night at Decanter. drank...'not gonna mention' amount of beer to tomyam, bot hero a flaming (which made him go cuckoo) and then shifted to ttdi for 2nd round with a bottle of blueberry vodka. hit the sack at 5-ish. HOLY CRAP. damn long nvr sleep so late d okay. lke...since i started work! sigh i is old.

then i ffk-ed. YES I MAKE IT A POINT TO MENTION IT HERE OR ELSE IT'LL GO ROUND LIKE A CAMPAIGN SAYING THAT I MISSED SESI BERLAT THONG. anyway, i pleaded for 2 budaks to teman me until morning so that i wont sleep and the waking up late they dun wan. not fully my fault lor okay. then i woke around 12-ish, went for this beriyani set lunch with monkey. and then...

doop doop doop.

the heartbeat sped on like an unstoppable bullet train i had flashes of images in my mind that it'll 'overheat' and 'overhaul' and then i get heart attack or blah blah blah. DAMN SCARED OKAY!!! then as the monkey had to visit the doc to get her mc (not to mention, she laughed at my rock&roll hearbeat. hmph) i mite as well just convey my worry into words and c what i can get...and i've already got the worstest case scenarios in my mind.

'were u anxious about anything or are u stressed?'
'yahh...i had to come c u of course anxious la! stress oso cos i hate my job'

he pat my back sympathetically. and told me it's pretty normal as certain indian spices contain opiate and one can just go natural high!!! ok no he din say that i assume he meant that cos if i were to attend a drug test, i'd be positive of it. it's either that, or...i googled and it could've been alco indigestion.

in other words, no alco for px for the time being.
and my period is weird. OH MIEN WAT'S WRONG WITH ME!! I NEED A NEW JOB! ANYONE NEEDS TO HIRE AND PAY ME LOADS TO TOK OR WRITE?!?! I CAN WAN U KNOW!! i just got to know freelancing writing css codes can make you a millionaire. i can manage my blog pretty well. thou i decided not to design my own...anyone wants to pay me lke rm10 per hour (pros get like 2.5k/hr okay!) and i make one for u? HUHUHU!!!


the filthy worthless bane of existance that ruined the fucking amplifier of my electric guitar has gone right to hell...i think.
of all freaking places it decided to lay it's nest in my amp and the little rodents failed to live and finally rot in it. the smell that swirled out was so revolting even the maid nearly barfed.

eventhough i haven't been playing for a while...you could've just excreted your future generations of pests somewhere that did not cause that much ok.




but the slow natnat has not uploaded the pix. and i don't think we took many cos we were too busy layaning ourselfs to the food. i guess i had at least 50 sticks of all sorts with chocolate fondue. i wanted to just grab a chair and sit in front of the fountain or extend my tongue for the thick creamy dark orgasm-ish liquid to flow right down ass. holy crap.

ok gotta mandi and pray to kuanyin mommy said. cos i left my wallet on top of my car after pumping gas today and the nice bangla picked it up and returned it. i'm so gonna tip him rm5 tmr. or rm10. with a packet of kitkat maybe. SSWEEETTT!

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