Friday, October 10, 2008

I waits.

it's been a chore ever since i stomped my foot into this office.
not tedious...but it drains me off.

nola nola...i'm not treated as the 'newgirl' anymore, i know what you're thinking. i'm hands-on this project (i think) and the 'term' oni comes around when it's lunch time when they gangup and flock off for a meal sumwhere around kl together while i...shamelessly wait for sum1 to just pop the question if i'd like to join them for lunch and off i go no matter who they are. YAY!!! excuse me i don't eat lunches alone ok. if i'm alone i tapaos subway veggie delight. *peace*

so back to topic, working is like me going for a fishing trip. i thrust the bait into the pond, and i wait. i know i'm waiting for this particular unknown specimen to end my arduous effort but then the question is...WHEN? AND WHAT WILL IT BE? would it be energetic, forceful and enormous making it a challenge to net it up or a pygmy that would make your adrenaline go flushing right down to the tip of your toenails you wished you could've just vamoosed instead.
so metaphoric kan? can't blame me. kenot say things too straightfwdly here okay. what if they document everything like eagle eye and shoo me off the day before i'm done with my probation?! susah tau! anyway i've just did it cos...i dun gip a fuck la!! the most like daddy said i go work for leng's shop, get rm800 and go home for maggi sup sayur everyday to save cost je. tweet!

the span of time i take just waiting for the tasks to come just so i can complete it is absurd. i foresee something coming in...*shakes head*...i just dunno what. cos the pending list is close to infinite i'm not sure which heads the list. surely there'll be something for me...erm...yeah surely...

eat shit la.

so...i'm still waiting for the fish to come. and this time i know it's gonna be an ikan bilis. but i need this small catch to drive myself to the finishing line. SO HOR...

i waits. with my warm, thick cup of milo i'm pampering myself with. HEH!
apparently milo contained in chinese illustrated cans are banned for their melanine content. this is terribly depressing. that means from now on i mst drink Ho! Ho! Ho! ??? YERRR!!!...but our milo is made from haustralia kan? so i assume is safe. therefore...

i continue to waits...

with my milo. :D

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