Friday, October 17, 2008


This is the time of the day where i'd been desperately looking forward to ever since my lower eyelid made a involuntary error and parted from my upper eyelid on a dreadful monday morning on the 13th October 2008 after the alarm clock went beeping away into my eardrums.

BUT...THE CONFETTIS POPPED JUST A WHILE AGO BECAUSE THE WEEKEND HAS BLADY STARTED!! HOORAY!! *come on get ur sweaty fat arse up from the sticky chair and cheer with me* YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better cheer when u can because in the blink of 1/2 an eye, it'll be monday again and the whole monotonous routine...will repeat. OH MIEN...

now now, it's gonna be a happy post so kenot complain! SAY NO COMPLAINS TO WEEKENDS!


ok i'm so happy everything seems particularly positive. i guess it's due to the enormous Subway i had. px is currently addicted to Subway - Veggie Delight + Onions + Lettuce and +++ Olives. FUH SEDAP GILER BABI CAN HAVE THAT FOREVER.COM.MY. not joking. vegetables causes herbivorous orgasm.

its even better when u're having it in the car, and then have the corners of your mouth torn from the extreme size of the loaf. then during a traffic jam, u look over and then tempt the fucking asshole that refused to let u overtake them as u go side by side and make them drool over your juicy subway!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

it's been storming loads recently. so bad that...water came in to my house again. Just in case you wanted to know what happened 2 years back, check out ---> Here!

But then to make things more interesting (or else i wouldn't mention here), there's this neighbour a couple houses away whose toilet bowl decided to just lose control and blow up. and to make the entire horror epic even more terrifying, everything that the bowl had swallowed shot out all together and filled the entire house right up until ankle level. ok la if you're still wondering, the bloody fucking toilet bowl had berak shooting out like a fountain until the whole house banjir.

and not only that, the house accomodates 500 kids and 600 adults. so just in case you're really free over the weekend and well u're totally in for some charity, do drop by and help them blow dry their school books. damn poor thing ok. sigh. the fecking government is not doing anything. i swear that auntie lau lee ling did a better job. geez...OH YEAH so hero pls dun feel so sad k. just scooping muddy water is not so bad. and welcome home!

jan's having this class project:

It's RM60 @ The Apartment and all ticket sales will be donated to...dunno wat charity i forgot. SUPPORT SIKIT IF YOU'RE FREE!!! There's ribena and soya bean, goodie bags and t-shirt from planet hollywood to be won!! so unless u've got plans like me (and i'd be going right after), just go support sikit k!! TERIMA KASEE...

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