Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eagle Eye


BIG BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you're about to roll your eyes, lift that suspicious eyebrow or your jaw is already down to your knees cos you're just not interested in little shia (which i hear from many especially peeps like..WQL (initials to protect her privacy teehee!) --- they just go...'yer that fella from transformers? tsk tsk'...fold all those back in la! NOW OK?!
get ur arse into the freaking cinema and be awed by it. and remember to bring a bit of your brain along cos it churns the cells and keeps them active from the start right till the credits appear. and dun lemme catch u dling it...cos i know before u can say shit, auntie faye yin will be saving it into her pendrive and sharing it with everyone. TEEHEE!! not that i'm not thankful for that gesture but KENOT FOR EAGLE EYE!! GRRR...
scared or not...? XD

WALAO SO SUKA MIENN!!! like i'm gonna watch this 499 times after Mamma mia's 500 and Transformer's 1000 times. and maybe Ironman 10001 times. sukaaaaaa gilerrrr babi!!!!!!
and ok i admit...i dunno why i like shia lebeouf. but i've watched everthing after even stevens and...i still have the urge to start lining up before the mall opens just so i can get the first tickets for his movies. mayb cos of his curly hair...or his tears...or his facial hair...or...
i know...i like weird ppl.
it's almost 108 hours til friday. so sad it's like plunging into a whole lake of poop.
and i think i'm totally traumatized because no matter where i went and every corner i stepped into, i could smell itik's perfume.
daddy said it's probably the detergent they use to spark the floor in midvalley...she mite be using the same brand so...

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