Saturday, October 11, 2008


I should've personalized it from the start. The stats have been increasing out of no valid reason and it's making me worry that either BBDO is hacking in to see if i kutuk sial the piece of meat sitting right above me or ISA is poking in cos i fuck too much. NOW...I IS FREE TO TOK COCK AND SCREW WHOEVER I WANT USING THE INTENSITY OF MY VOCABULARY AND ANTHOLOGY OF THE MIGHTY BANANA!!!

stupid la just kidding.

i would like to extend my deepest apologies to those i know who have been contributing to the reduction of unemployment rates before me, if i had ever made any foul remarks that u've gotta get a grip on life and that u're boring all the sleeping souls to death because...*px drops to her knees* i totally have no life now!! it's even worst than the time when i was intern!!!!!!!!! *bawls*

i fall asleep without even switching the tv on, the pc in my room has been untouched i see sprinkles of dust on the keyboard, the frequency of the fridge door opening has decreased SO MUCH because im not home to ransack it for yummy food and fruits, i actually take breakfast every morning (as in real morning when i still see popos and gunggungs taking walks hand in hand to the pasar) - ok exaggerated, and the oni person i yamcha with now is with daddy cos...i is not happening anymore no1 wants to call me for yamcha sessions. *BAWLLSSSSSSS*. but i like yamchaing with the fa-zher cos it's been a while since we've makaned together. fuck work!

so to savour the time spent at home, i stayed up late last nite to catch movies and dramas that i've missed, watch youtube, chat and eat fruits (i'm fruit deprived because the fruits in uoa tower sells out b4 lunch. like everyone got serious case of constipation), walk around aimlessly to see if there're any new members of the earthworm family (we call them lucky) on the floor and slept at 630am feeling very contented. and then...i woke up 6pm today. -.-`

SO MUCH FOR SPENDING MORE TIME AWAKEEEEE. not that i want ok. daddy woke me up for breakfast...(or was it lunch...or tea?)...i dunno la but i jst managed a few...'OKs' then i was pulled back into slumber land. i din even dream!!! haih. so i blamed my dad for not waking me earlier (althou i sorta remembered him telling me that he bot rendang and nasi lemak and tong sui and this and that just so i'd be tempted and banguns) BUT he just smiles cos he feels that his pathetic daughter is having a terrible pathetic life in a pathetic company that treats their employees pathetically pathetic.

and so since he kept quiet, i got nothing to lose and debate for besides my whole saturday. i joined them for tea and had my...breakfast. and the rendang was already sour by then.

i whacked them all. cos it was actually quite tasty leh.
and i wonder if it'll trigger food poisoning.
good oso can apply mc. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

*i can't even find pictures to post anymore cos i haven't been going anywhere. sighhh...

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