Monday, October 13, 2008

points to ponder

this is the moment where :

1. i get to watch whatever i want!! even if it's 12am and it's time for NIGHTLINE and i'm channel switching occasionally between 901 and 931 i irritate the fuck out of myself because i can't decide which is more interesting.

2. i've the mostest succulent part of the chicken/pork/beef/mutton/prawns/whale/racoon/goose and huge portions of soup all to myself! (chicken wings uncut with the top portion attached just so i can gnaw the juicy bit of flesh off the fat piece of fowl!)

3. i get to drink shandy right after dinner and mommy will just go...'-.-' (mouth closed)

4. i get to swear in all languages i can manage and everyone will just nod.

5. natnat asks me to take MC.

WORKING ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!


see...the company is screwing my mind upside down i is not joking.

i forgot that tmr's the date where hero's touching down for good (before jetting off for his training that fortes his abilities to do one-night-stands with the hottest chics midair 5000000 feet above ground...all over the globe). JERES!!! i doubt i can save enough money to paris la we go hk at the end of the year oni la ok ok ok?!?!?! :D

i tend to sign off every chatbox in msn saying...REGARDS~ or CHEERS~ and my most used work currently is REVERT.

i wake up in the morning and watch bloomberg checking the latest crude oil price

i actually told my parents that i can't take leave just because i wanted tomoro cos i can't put some of more likable colleagues in jeopardy. *sweat*
i nvr say no to leaves ok.
i's growing old. 0.0....................................................................

anyway, i was just joking about work rox.
it to anyone who's trying or knows anyone who wants to try sum luck in Proximity, BBDO, please get them to contact the banana. i conduct brainwashing classes. unless you know if they're totally drama queens that's never been through any shits in their life. then it's okay. a shit a day keeps the princess away.

it's jst...i'm not even a princess.


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