Thursday, October 2, 2008


u totally need to work cos holidays come as though it's the bestest gift from heaven. i've never enjoyed a holiday so much. just lying down there looking at the naked ceiling is fun. WEEE!

i wanna update cos i'm totally in love with the new song i just uploaded. i know when someone passes by and realizes i've not updated, they'd not stay until the song plays hence i'm gonna update just so u can hang on long enuff until meryl streep starts to sing. so nice can cry!!!!! u need to share the love!!! so...stone until the song comes up...and fall in love with it. *melts*

the horeedays have been going pretty well. i went to laundry for a bit of beer. i spent last nite with the random gang with...lots of beer and i totally hate beer now. NO MORE BEER FOR PX! NO MORE! it's all tea and milo now!!! hmph

Mamma Mia!

watever u say, IT WAS SO GOOD...i'm gonna watch it like 500 times in the cinema even if i'd to go alone. IT'S SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to admit that the first 1/2 hour wasn't too convincing as i had flashes of bollywood movies in my mind. but it all turned out to be really endearing and totally hilarious!!! colin firth and mr. 007 can sing. ZOMG!!! and now i just wish i'd earn enuff to jet off to the island of Kalokairi, drink cocktails with the greek gods and lie on the beaches watching sunrises (and sets) on a bed of roses with a fucking hot sorry. LoL!

Painted Skin

the only thing that is worth donnie yen which is why we went for the movie. its worthless to even walk to the cinema to just look at the poster. tsk dissapointment. and it was terribly dubbed. might as well just make it english. PTAH! oh yeah the evil wolf hantu zhou xun looked like an elf with her pale skin and hair colour. so we named her legolee. so cute.


Gathering @ Laundry

It reminds me of all the time we've spent together during uni days striving hard for our not sweet in a way but i liked it. LoL!

i'm working now. i had no energy to change after work therefore, i wore a turtleneck to a bar. WTF.

tw, px, nee

mei mei and boi. omg...wat's his name d?! crap.

kk, chaw zee @ 988 :D, mei-ee


this hairstyle of mine is essential for fatface production.

i'm gonna spend the rest of the holidays completing my gto animation on crunchy.
i refuse to buy the dvd. saving it for hotman 2. omg im jap bimbo now. LOL!

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