Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello World

i owe the keyboard and the blog an apology.
keyboard cos i haven't been particularly gentle as time spent at home on the computer is basically used to channel my anger.
blog cos...i saw a string of cobweb lying across the page.

and as usual, when i'm supposed to be frantically completing the deck for a presentation on monday (to be approved by the boss tomorrow MORNING), i had this desperate urge to blog. in other words i think it's also called slacking, procrastinating...or just being plain lazy.

after such a long introduction, i don't even remember the purpose of me blogging anymore.

oh well sumthing worth mentioning, I LEFT THE OFFICE AT 8.03pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT and had a SLIGHT adrenaline rush when i saw the TRAFFIC JAM as i haven't been able to be part of such a huge vehicle party for a while now.

honestly, i was happy to see a jam.

until i felt hungry. *stones*
u know the time of the month, when u're losing monthly red blood cells, hormones fluttering all over the place, all u wanna do when u're hungry is just to slap sumthing rich, sinful and orgasmic into ur blady mouth.

for a split second i wanted to tahan till i reach kfc and have my dose of zinger burger. fail. jam. kenot make it. esso's a couple yards away though but it's still nearer. oh! the emergency lane's pretty empty. shud i g...oh!! a car zooms past!! i shall follow!!!


mr.mata diri kat depan tunjuk tangan suruh henti pastu yang seterusnya tidak bisa dieksplainasi unless i wanna be marooned to taiwan or sumthing. pendek kata, i'm poorer by a bit now. *BAWLS*

moral of the story is...freaking finish ur work in the office! now get slapped in the face!...seriously i rather get slapped. hmph

digressing, REAL points worth mentioning:

UNO) i quit. yes, again shaddap. 2 more weeks hopefully.

DOS) i went wakeboarding, burnt both my arms and they're still peeling. BUT I LOVE IT!

TRES) i'm gonna get a new phone just so i can have gps and so everyone can't laff at me for being road blind anymore. hmph.

QUATROS) i'm also gonna b red headed without the consent of my family cos i'm pretty sure they're gonna say...'START NEW JOB DUN DO RUBBISH LA!'...i wonder if i can brainwash the corporate world. le sigh. i'll so miss jeans and tshirt. :(

...LIMA) i'm...broke.

OH WOW SUCH A LONG POST! I ROCK. back to work.

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