Tuesday, June 10, 2008

super random luck

i'm an avid blog-reader of AnD.
they have pretty interesting blogs over there and they have people from all over the world. producers, writers, dancers, actors blah blah blah blah blah. so one particular fine day, i came across this blog of an unknown...indie musician who was giving out his brand new unreleased boxset CD.

all you have to do is:
be the first in line (top to bottom) to leave a msg on his guestbook once the hit rate tops 20k. he mentioned his log in time (HK time) and whoever's name appears first when he checks wins it. i woke up around 12++ to send out some resumes, then i thought...ok i wanna win it...for wat reason i dunno i just wanna win it. so i mentioned rubbish...then i went back to sleep. i dreamt i won!!! WHOO HOOO!!...then i awoke a couple hours later, logged on to AnD again WHAM!! he asked me to leave my contact address for the cd to be posted over.


wei...why my luck comes in this way wan. cis. (okok better than no luck sorry :S)

anyway, he wrote my name on the boxset and posted a video. *blush*. the prob is, i still dunno what cd i won. i just knew yesterday he's an angmoh. :S. to the real fans...sorry la. din mean to win. LOL!!!

monkey and peanut supporting romania austria and greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why romania? cos they have dragons.
why austria? erm cos the name damn gempak.
why greece? cos captain von trapp larikan diri there in sound of music.

i dun watch lke the usuals do ok. it's boring to watch it that way.

p.s- i know it's absurd but...i haven't collected my spm cert. :D
do u think they'd have burnt it? :S
ok tmr see how.

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