Thursday, July 31, 2008

i did have a good childhood --- in conjunction with Olympics

i was always reminded that i was pathetic as a kid. i loathed going to kindergarten because i nvr had frens. or rather no one wanted to be my fren? or i nvr wanted a fren. if i remained the same i could've been a genius. kan all ppl liddat are geniuses. WAHAHA...i sucked la. daddy and mommy will always jog my memory of how i sat myself in the middle of the field and frowned during sports day when everyone was actively moving about. i loved my barbie dolls and staying at home. PEANUT THE FREAK!!!

ok that was until standart 3...where i stopped crying everytime i had to go to school. yes i cried until standart 3 i think. wee! so proud la. then i started making frens i guess. at least i remember making a couple frens who wont occasionally mention...'yer she got 1 star more we dun fren her'. ok i still remember clearly who said that cos YES! I KEEP GRUDES!! WAHAHHA...anyway, i guess i started to open up after meeting yinng. cos she introduced me to more ppl (apparently she knows everyone who's in that school. mayb even the pakcik gardener) and i realized i had the ability to bitch even at a very tender age. so we bitched all the way until now. YAY!!! MWAH!

so the reason of this post remind myself what a fantastic elementary education i had. when i did not have to study and scored 99 for my math, had the bestest frens (then), got into the best class for god-knows-why reason, draw on lala-shells and sell (many ppl bot) before getting caught and pinched in front of the whole class) played badminton like giler babi and yong hock kin was my favourite, played 'my heart will go on' on the recorder, buy smash hits...and do illegal stuff b4 running to pn.leong that'll help us hide all our illdoings. walao damn nice. she even helped me do a math question during a year-end exam cos she tot i was slightly bonkers after dengue. sukaaa!!!

then after upsr we were totally free. we did murals that still stands strongly till date. ugly like fuck but bangga sial.

WARNING: Picture snapped by Low Yinng Yinng and i disgracefully stole it. :D...terima kaseee sayanggg!!!

got shading summore okay...budak 12 tahun wat u expect. and i swear daddy nvr helped. okla mayb he sketched on artpaper then i copy la but then still!!! fuh...damn pandai kan we all.'s almost perfect.

why almost? cos vinisha anitha rajadurai wrote my name wrongly. i suspect she's dyslexic. take a closer look.

sweat...the Z is...inverted shall i say? not really noticeable there (gotta enlarge to see) but...IT IS TERBALIKSSS!
it's damn unfair. everyone shud b given an authority to paint their own names! then at least they'll make sure it looks best and no mistakes made. i'm scarred forever. and it faces the freaking main road. holy moly...but i still love it. TO THE MAXIMUS.

i'll make a trip back next week and take a picture of the orang utan that looks more like a papaya next week. gembiraaa!!!!!!!!!


baby ving anne decided to swim in the water bag a little longer because the heat on earth is scorching.

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