Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why So Serious and Loads of Pictures...apparently

The Dark Knight was...

ok it was 94% on rotten tomatoes but i'm not sure i'm gonna give it that high just because everyone's flocking into the cinemas after the hype's that going on for a bit now.

i njoyed it. it was a midnight premier and throughout the entire 2 hours and 32 minutes, there was never one moment where i was drifting off (besides towards the end where i was getting a desperation to wee). it'd gip it a 7.5/10. call me shallow but i've never been really a fan of dark and gothic movies (do u call that goth) but i rather pay for real entertainment where u can laugh and get awed by all the kick ass action sequences ie ironman OR KUNGFU PANDA. the dark knight was depressing...the reason mayb heath ledger was so awesome it made me wanna cry each scene he appears with his rotting skin.

the movie's really long. just when i thought it was about to end they had more coming. gary oldman was so not sirius...teehee! i do not really fancy michael caine as alfred mayb even ian mckellen might've been better. two face was more like terminator (quote= joesy) and maggie gyllenhaal...god i love her brother but she just doesn't convince being an eye candy. katie holmes wasn't a good idea either la so...and i totally detest batman's overdone voice. he needs lozenges.

byk complain sial. but it was worth a watch. only 1 watch. 3 points goes to the 2 second appearance by edison chen. blady buggers they had to remove his scenes. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


luna bar fails if they do not operate the pool side area. just close it the next time u've got any events going on. and do not send us waitresses that do not know how to read off the menu!

hardrock was good. they had very cute ppl. :D and very good rockers. OOOOH LAAA LAAAAA!!!!

don't leave us alone with the camera...i'm so mch tanner now kan?!?!?! :D

this is for maharaja lee. i demand u to return to tanah melayu with cranes of the bestest beer. skol was so...yohhh!!!

Looooaaadssss of pictures. all in facebook...AhHAhA!


Dinner in Fortuna was goods.

i feel lke an aunty all over again.

and My Heart Will Go On is the best. WEEEEEEEEEEEE

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