Monday, July 7, 2008

I Want To Post!

cos i sacrificed my sreeping time just to finish the match!!!
i was supposed to sleep early to be all prepared for interview the next day k! but then nadal seems to be more attractive so...weeee!!!!

5 hour match
giler babi...

...was what i wrote on the whiteboard at 5am++ to announce the gloryyyy so that the sleeping parents can c when they bangun. tat was how despo i was. i was never an avid fan. but then poor thing sial they had to whack each other for 5 hours (including delay due to rain)...but still...giler babi.

i was standing on my bed towards the end of the match.
first cos i really wan nadal to win...cos i support dark horses...not that he's one but then federer has won enuff lah. secondly cos i really wanna tido. but then federer doesn't seem to mampus.
can cry together when he won...

confirm my reaction was liddat too at the end. the difference is:
Nadal: Gracias!! I Won!!
Peanut: Thank you! I sleep!!



im gonna remove the plastic sheets off the prince after i bathe it tomoro.
who wanna come watch?!
WAHAHAH!! ok tido.

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