Saturday, July 26, 2008


nothing much has been going on.
apparently the application is processing and i shall get a call sumtime next week. :S
did not do much lately besides having an inflamed throat that left me woozy for 2 days...staying home has been my choice becos i need to save money to buy nicer working clothes. WEEE! so i have stacks and stacks of old dvds and vcds (ie- mighty ducks, princess diaries, lotr, pirates...) running non stop on the players.
and to anyone who hasn't collected their petrol rebate, pls do so cos it'll suddenly make u very rich. so rich can get rob sial.

anyone has tix to the mtv asia awards?
can get me a few?
i buy u breakfast.
and lunch.
and dinner.
ok mayb even supper.
terima kasih.

*looks outside the window and stones thinking about daughtry*
why are we home when he's jamming there yinng? so salah.

whn's this bitch coming out?! CEPATTT!!!

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