Thursday, May 8, 2008

it's done? oh...i see's done...
i've completed my university...and it's been two days...already.
it should be...JUST two days...but circumstances altered the statement. very very vulnerable topic. to those who wished that university life should end earlier...god bless you. unless you are damn lucky like fuck can do what you like and head the direction u want to...

dun spoil my post la! happy happy bit!
final paper was ok. i sat on a wrong seat...had to change...dropped all my stuff on the way, left my eraser behind and was flushing by the time i the page Q.1,2,3 dunno how to do. mehhhhhhhh...thank god i composed myself in time and completed it. AND I PASSED MY ETHICS!!! WHOO HOO!!! dun care about grades d. pass already damn lucky. yay!!!

i know i shall be taking pix with those i wouldn't see anymore. but then sumhow i din have the chance to or they disappeared too quickly.

Last paper @ University Tunku Abdul Rahman - 6/5/08

Randomness before the foyer

thumbeekoooo*bambee :D


chongsooyin@first floor

the hoodie gang minus stacy dunno go where d...
thanx for all the sky scraping assignment marks. u saved my Uni assignment days. MWAH!

2nd floor toilet. i prefer the blue wan lor. this wan damn eerie.

stairs...the chair is for the auntie that cleans the toilet.

hopefully we'll keep in touch forever k.
erm...sting i Dunno la...randomly standing there so not nice if dun ask her to snap along. teehee!

and then we had nowhere to head cos there weren't any plans for the nite as everyone was super tak cukup tido sial. so went to Pick N Brew for lunch. just in case u dunno whre it is, it's near wongkok@1u. walk straight right until the end from wongkok. dun look back. there is a road in front wan. try the carbonara and marinara. SO GOOODSSSS.

post-exam disorder

it wont be us if there wasn't a party right after kan...leaving it one day later was weird enough. but thank god. if not where got energy to mambo so long. :D...BUT THEN BUT THEN, i slept at 1am on the day b4, woke at 9am++ and then drove to the club for a swim. whack 20 laps then set lunch with daddy before driving back to pj again. proud of me or not people? WHOO HOO!!

Mambo@Velvet, Zouk

posing-mosing all...tak retro pun! tapi cantik kan...:D

si lambat retro sial...lke kuih lapis la datin! :D

at that moment, px thinks: 'wah the bed is so welcoming'

zee, lynnie, datin, thumbee, babi, px, angang, meow

lupa lukis muka datin. sorry morry. who ask u to be late. :D

lynnie, px, huangDAming/mr.photographer.
damn nice lor...bouncer quality sial, snapped pix of us throughout the nite and we could hang our bags and clutches on him. nxt round mst call him oso.

px and her babe!!!

babi, baoyue, px, lynnie, junesi with new hairdo!!! weee!

poor thing my finger lor two fuckers

lynnie and px again...MWAH!!

the gang at 3am...with faizal and tahlah ape nama budak yang nampak cun in the darkness

i came back and had a nice chat with nat about the future...i know exactly where u are coming from. no worries. jst that u know what i can't stand about the way they put things and i promise i'll do it when i'm supposed to...asap. ;)

then, to chill, i went swimming again.

px is proud sial of herself...

but then there was no sun.

so px couldn't become ah neh neh. chieh

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