Wednesday, October 4, 2006


almost a year ago, i blogged about my 'coming trip to tmn negara'. it's almost a year now. i still can feel the pain from climbing...EEEKKKK!!! bt i miss it. i miss the air. i miss the greens. and i miss the water. bt i totally do not miss the leeches. and i do not miss the hot guy. cos he doesn't look hot anymore. :D---> confirm loser wei. HAHAHAHAHA

and i blogged about haze. and haze is back. RUNNNN!!! RRUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!

many i know has been to hk and back, sum still there...sum...planning to go. oh mien...when can i go again...anyone who feels the same?? anyone who loaths going there again? RAISE UR HANDS PLS!!! *hands swinging frantically in the air*...*all mine*

toking about hk, MOONCAKE FESTIVAL'S HERE!! almost...saw many attractive lanterns everywhere and the best...

where have all the traditional lanterns gone? THIS THING UP THERE, it's expensive, it's ugly's ultraman.

i wan a custom made pony lantern...or a bananas in pyjamas lantern pls...

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