Thursday, October 19, 2006

let's play...doh

for brand management assignment, we decided that we would be rebranding play-doh the high class plasticin...

so off i went to mv with daddy yesterday for analakshimi again(hey!! it's healthy and i'm bringing new customers to them everytime i go okay?) and met with missie nat. the food tastes awesome!!!!! there'll be different varieties everytime we go althou they are all squashed vegetables and beans and i can't differentiate them but then it's nice! and it's charity.

so as usual, i hopped into toy's r' us lke i always do and started eyeing at things that i should not even look at. the ponies are getting more and more pretty. and i'll choose one and tell myself...'okay! nxt trip, u'll b following me home.'...but they're still hanging sadly on the racks, waving their colorful tails at me asking when that'll happen.

i got myself a shocking red and green tub of play-doh and mashing was it during lecture today with suelynn.


and then she started forming piles and piles of shit with the dough placing them all over the table.

toking about shit, i was at the ss2 pasar malam jalaning with cfei when i came across this BOOK OF FAECES...shit la in short. bt it was in chinese books oni cost rm10 or slightly more. the translated harry potter, is rm15 for 2. damn. and toking about pasar malam, jst b4 we went loitering on the streets, i strolled into a DVD shop(arow with KTZ) and HOLY!!! I GOT MYSELF THE LOWEST BUDGET TV MOVIE ON EARTH!!! IT'S ON SALE!! N THE SALESMAN KNEW THE FULLNAME OF THE MOVIE!!! can't believe it mien.

'yau mm yau shark attack ar?'
'spring break shark attack?'
'yau!!! dang ha...'

*5mins later...*...he handed me the exact wan i wanted...YAY!!! and he's blady honest, stopping me from buying those nonsense dvds that were still not clear yet.

tat's it. i'm going there for internship.


dear santa,

as linda started her little xmas wish, i mite as well start 1 too.
i don't need an ipod nano yet. my mp3's still working fine.
bt if u can, get me the whole rack of pony in toys' r' us and also the Doc Croc that i played with everytime i went there.

p.s- i hereby attach the picture for ur reference.

thank you. :D

**** 2nd choice for internship...TOYS' R' US, MIDVALLEY.

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