Thursday, October 11, 2007

and the clock starts ticking...for real

in exactly a month from now...

and the pressure on me mounts. woot!

i really wanted to write a mushy post but knowing my only sister...i'm afraid she'll start bawling in the living room while she secretly surfs into my blog everynite after work so i'll jst keep it sweet and simple...mayb until a week before. LOL!!!


i so wanna blog about last week. but then sum ppl have been delaying the pictures sending process.

is it oni me or is blogger presenting the pictures in commands for the templates instead of the file itself? damn mafan wei.

i'm stuck to sum china-produced series, songs and people...thank god not taiwanese. GET ME OUT!!!!!!!!! *drools*

hols are ending. i nvr went once to the gym. everyday revolves around eating honeystars, pingpung crackers less oil and wulung tea. so kenot wei!!!!
*px looks at calender counting the days to 11th November*...*shudders*

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