Friday, October 26, 2007

blonde moments, random rantings

mommy gave me a bundle of money the other day saying i shud do sumthing to my hair b4 the big big day cos it's in an unearthly shade of...brass.

i was so happy i set and appointment with the very-hawt-hairstylist immediately. drove there rite after class, loitered for a moment and refrained myself from buying a few tops jst in case i was short of cash, and finally started at 430pm. mr.hairstylist poked a few colors, i nodded cos i told him he could do watever as long as i could stay attractive. *burp*...actually he said my hair is practically dead so no matter wat i do it doesn't matter anymore. woot!

so after a agonizing 4.5 hour, i'm blonde...again.

P.S- and i jst realized the bundle of money that mommy gave me...was my monthly allowance for this month which means...i used my own money instead. *wails*

the picture turns out to be slightly weird so i resized it and have no mood to take another.

came home from U today and the first thing that i was informed was, the supposingly very close cousin of mine who i speak to approximately 3 times a year has been involved in an accident and suffers major head injuries which right until this moment is still unclear whether he's totally safe.

a few days back, i got a call from yinng saying a dad of a fren passed away so abruptly and it occured to me that he was daddy's long time fren too. he's been quite devastated considering they have known each other for almost 1/2 a decade now and was supposed to invite him for nat's wedding. i daren't imagine the torture his family has to endure. then daddy started mentioning how such a bad year this is as cases of fren's passing come knocking every now and then. it disturbs me because the daddy i've known has always been the optimistic one that brings me out of
the dark times and it was up to me to console him. mommy obviously is not good in toking.

mainly because an uncle of mine has recently been tormented by a string of heart complications, in and out of hospital countless times and...ironically, no1 knws exactly how he should b treated. i do agree that the fondness i have towards this relative of mine has descended so much eversince i am aware of his...behaviours...that totally disgusts me. daddy said he's done a whole lot for my grandmother and family back then and gives me small lectures everytime i mention sumthing negative regarding him. i never witnessed his doings and i honestly admit that i am not able to judge him from another view. even if it's that, i totally from the bottom of my heart do not wish for anything bad to happen to him and god bless that he'll b able to recover and join us in a couple week's time. cos we're a family.

i am glad to realize these past few days that i am at least independant enuff to stay
sanguine despite many problems that i've faced in the past few years. even if it's talking to ur closest. u knw urself best and i always feel that u are responsible for your own happiness. i knw i have to tok when i'm down and i knw who i have to look for to get myself cheered. life is too short to sulk everyday la. whoever's reading this and have been complaining about how unfair life is when u're totally healthy with proper daily meals and education, smack urself right on ur chubby cheeks and wake up! (i smacked mine d i think...)


i think i am sleepy. therefore...the long post.
i shall sleep.
utar almost spoilt our saturday until kenn won himself a handphone that totally lightened all our moods. FINALLY CAN TAKE PIX AND BLUETOOTH D!!!!

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