Thursday, October 18, 2007

boredom, bowling, ss2 the blackarea and to hell with the icecream man

back to classes for a week now.
still as boring as ever.
first class started off being cancelled cos it seems the office did not knw that the tutor is still on raya leave. wth...then tutorials tat were supposed to be cancelled this week due to raya hols were suddenly conducted and given 2 hour notice therefore, gone was K session. but it was gone due to another reason...

sorry nee my bigface blocking u. the hoodie gals and a bf had another bowling session. datin was on her flight back from homie and was stranded at the airport therefore the leftovers went and LO AND BEHOLD!!! I SCORED A FANTASTIC 124...BOTH GAMES OK!!! it's already a hooha for me. i think nvr before i had such a score. the last time was...70? damn malufying.

REMINDER FOR PX ---> Ball 12. i have always been using 10 or 11 to avoid my nails from breaking. due to sum kiasuness to beat the oni male, i couldn't care less ytday and headed for 12. weeeee...the thumbnail tore and now i feel retarded. hopefully it grows nicely before 11/11 so that i can have a nice manicure. *shakes ass*...nxt week we bet k!!! 1 ZINGER BURGER!!! WOOT! cc i lose. pfft...

the shoes look good. bsides the blue and white wan.

a car theft happened near rothman roundabout today. angang and mj was there witnessing this blady camry crashing into a mercedez driven by a lady and then one of them trying to take over her wheels. the lady bravely struggled with the bastard attacking from 1 side and finally he gave up. while the commotion was going on, one of the car doors opened and dragged across mj's car scratching from back to front, kemeking it slightly. police reports were made. may the thief be arrested and sentenced to driving the rubbish truck for life.

the moral of the story is, if u get banged in the middle of the road, SPEED TO A NEARBY POLICE STATION. if u're in ss2, the TAMAN SEA POLICE STATION is 5 mins away, 10 if there's a queue at the traffic lites. NOT SS2 POLICE STATION OK. DO NOT GET OUT OF UR CAR. and...dun drive big cars.

on another note of mentally disabled people, yinng smsed me saying that some bonkers a few rows away from my house killed a dog by hanging it and leaving to bleed to death. spca oni arrived in the late evening...the dog was abused and murdered at 7++ am. by the time u ppl arrive ar, hangus d la the poor pup. one neighbour snapped a pic of the incident...but it seems he does not knw how to upload the pic and therefore is waiting for further assistance.

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