Friday, September 28, 2007

honey, the bee stung me

so random...i was thinking so hard for sumthing to update a few days back cos nothing mch happened lately bsides me going for crazy shopping outings with nat and end up squeeshing her dry. :D...luv ya so mch!!!!! lol!

anyway, was getting kinda excited after certain things on msn ytday and jumped out of bed when i wanted to get an apple and HOLA! i stomped on a honeybee. i have no idea where these bees come from but they appear usually around midnite till the wee hours and then they dissapear. so i guess this wan was frozen by the temperature of my room and dropped dead right where i wanted to land my feet on.

die nvm. wanna sting me summore. this isn't the first time anyway so i jst applied sum cream and continued watever i was doing without the apple but then the pain came back and when i looked, holy motha f*'s the size of aunt marge when she was blown up.

clinic, jab, antibiotics...and a terrible swell which made my babytoe even uglier...and no my toe isn't of that shape originally...if u're wondering. hmph.

i'm gonna get myself a new pair of slippers at home so that i can kill every single pest on the ground. with wings preferably.

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