Sunday, September 23, 2007


HAPPY BDAY DEARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we made it 1 year in the same room ok. u mst love me.

3 days, 15 hours or sleep, too mch liquor, too mch smoke...

post-exam party was totally wild. slept 0 hours b4 the final paper cos it was at 9am as as last minute as always i nvr slept jst incase i wakeup late and get stuck in the freaking jam. so i made myself an egg at 530am, bathed and sat for the paper. it was...totally forgettable. wait until the results...

after paper was makan, bangsar and nap. cos at nite was a surprise party for the exroomie whose bday is actually today (23/9). but anyway, tgif below ruums SUCKED SIAL! their bday song was so dead it was lke singing auld lang syne. pfft.

anyway, ruums wasn't any better. okla. too lala-fied for me mayb. enuff said la. sumbody suka giler sana. then we started layaning outself at our seat area and it was better. oh yeah..there were lots of shufflers. tat looked lke a 2 year old learning how to walk. interesting. :D...left after lites were on, murni, mandi...crashed at 7++ i guess.

woke at..hmm..11? went to mv to get sum stuff with angang for her hk meet-the-inlaws trip. bot a topshop halter. *guilty*...BT HEY! after exam ok. can b lavish a bit. i wore it at nite. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE

tagged along with yinng for her fren's bday party. tak kenal pun seekor orang pun. sat down, smiled, ate and left. poppy with the next gang. oso tak berapa kenal. but then it seems from the merdeka celebration they won 50 bottles of chivas so since the family and sum ppl were not around to layan me so i joined. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...toking abt good drinkers. good time thou. no pix yet. forgot to ask for it. i need the pix cos i can't remember how they look. :D

came back 5+...mandi, cooked ommette for yinng cos she temaned me for a nite to jaga the house. crashed at 7+. so not enuff sleep. i've had enuff of these nites. no more late nites for the next 2 months. thank you.

APRW and CREATIVE results out. PASSED!!
p.s- lynnie dear. dun worry. if u fail...none of us will pass. ;)


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