Friday, September 7, 2007

exam period...

is NOT the time to discover facebook.

dear all, if u have exams around the corner, do not join facebook. i repeat. DO NOT!
eversince the countdown for exam started, my appetite has hit the peak. not to say i do not eat alot usually la but exam periods i eat extra so that i can think well. *best excuse ever*. therefore, last week i went to delicious with nat for an afternoon tea and a few days back to Boulevard Hotel for buffet.

the spread was AWESOME!!!

the place was good and we were there really early cos of sum reasons so we were the first to plunge into the pool of dessert...salmon, sweet and sour garupa, lasagna and the so-big-and-juicy-can-pengsan-beefballs! fuh...the rest were also untouched b4 hand oso but then these few were really...omg...

c the part like kena bitten by wild dogs? MY JOB!! YAY!!!
jst got back from watching a few vcds and eating dominoes with thepig. brings back old memories for the both of us who suffer from severe short term memory lost and slight alzheimer's disease. so relaxed. almost forgot i'm gonna have finals in 2 days. diu lor.
the datin called and said we got 38/50 for our creative ad coursework. thankew so mch. i'm satisfied. jst pass my finals can d k? no need A wan. double thankews.
so not in the mood for studying.
let me annoy a few more ppl in facebook first!

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