Thursday, July 5, 2007

the birthday dad, countdowns and i wants...

daddy, i knw it's nvr easy to bring up a bratty gal like me. i knw i'm hard-headed and i knw that u'll knw how i feel in a way cos u always tell me i'm so like u when u were younger (bsides u were much more intelligent)...i like it when u can make historical facts so interesting its better than watching any movies, i like it when i can ask u anything and u can provide me with a strong answer as if u were the encyclopedia, i like it when u bring me to dai paai tongs and we lavishly njoy watever tat we feel like eating njoying the heat and crowd, i like it when u always buy things that i quietly mentioned that i would wish to own eventhou u knw u'd be blamed for pampering me too mch (and althou u were short of cash), i like it when u crack sarcastic jokes and also laff at urself when we tease u, i like it when u tell me to ignore people of no significance in my life and to take them as a pinch of salt, i like it when we visit pet shops and take ling chee kang, i like it when u tell me tat i'm always welcomed home when i had tough times away, i like it when u promised me that i'm a late developer and will shine one fine day and i especially like it a lot when i can sit down with u anywhere and speak of anything without restrictions and boundaries.

i love u so much la!!!


neway ytday with si mou jai was SO THE FUN!!! it's weird when u have barely seen the person but then end up being so close and can spill anything to her bsides my own sister. so i was really looking forward to meeting up with her. NGO NGOI NEI AR SI MOU JAI!!!

the videos i took of mr. abalone and gang were fucking hilarious. will upload them later. WEEEEEE!!

and i snapped my hair at kozo which turned out to be extremely pricey but not bad la, rite since i went alone cos sum1 wasn't around to teman!!! *hmph*. bt then also said...'now like tourist oni, dun look lke local d'... *DOUBLE WEEEEEEEEE!!* (confirm not taiwanese or ayumi hamasaki can d ok...i'm lala enuff)


i wanna watch Transformers. cos everyone has already told me it's damn 7 good and there's shia lebeouf so MST WATCH!!!!!!

I wanna watch Surf Up...cos i lack cartoons in my life.

I WAN HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ron looks awesome!! i knw la i knw la everyone says he's ugly but i still remember yiwen saying that i look like him so i must hypnotize myself to adore him ok. and he's cute! *chant-yes he is yes he is yes he is-chant*. i'm desperately ogling for the premier tix. cos i'm a typical kiasu and i wanna watch it before anyone tells me how good it is...or how bad(which is near impossible). so if anyone can get me 2...or more tix...PLS CALL THE BANANA OK!! I BELANJA TONG SUI!!!

i need to prepare 30 ads for creative tomoro. total siao-ness.
and for anyone who reads and notices the chatbox at the side <-----, pls fill it in for me cos leaving it empty is really ugly. i jst wanted to add sum new features here cos it's boring moring. can swear oso wan nvm. thankews.

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