Wednesday, July 11, 2007

of midterms and TRANSFORMERS (robotic singing accent)

crisis management is done. and this is (i hope) much better than the in my theories. at least i did an opening and closing and this time, we were not separated a meter apart was easier to understand cos we could crap full time.

and presentation's not up to my turn which means i'll have another week to go b4 starting to freak out with all the unknown theories that's gonna pile onto me. so, to pamper and console myself a bit after that, i went for transformers.

i knw many mite have said it but...


i was kinda reluctant to go in the beginning cos of the serious lack of sleep and i was supposed to lead sum1 to the palace of golden horses but then the pig bot the tix and heck...i wanted to so mch to watch shia lebeouf so i went. i dun care wat other ppl say...SHIA LEBEOUF rox! he was bodoh la i admit in front. but then he was the hero ok. and he was so funny he was the main entertainment of the entire movie...bsides the transformation of the robots from luxurious cars to jeeps and trucks. and the sound of the maching evolving. weeeeeeeeeeee...i can quite confirm that my 'ganjiu' does that at nite too when i'm asleep. secretly. the cgi and live action really flowed well, the storyline was good and althou there were dull moments in the middle (about 5 mins altogether), i stayed upright throughout the whole movie eventhou i lack sleep...went beyond expectations wei. *claps*. so anyone who wants to watch again and is willing to pay for me, call me at 012-dancingbananas. toll free.

[from trailer]
Bobby Bolivia: A driver don't pick the cars. Mmm-mm. Cars pick the driver.

i seriously do not wish for that to be true because...

the best it can transform i can to this...












and josh duhamel deserves more scenes. so hot.

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